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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in St. Catharines

Insulation removal should begin with an in-depth inspection.

Before undertaking any insulation removal, an in-depth inspection is suggested. In old homes, for instance, the insulation may be old, performing poorly, or simply deteriorating. Having an in-depth inspection will provide a status of the overall condition, and will clearly show the amount of removal work necessary. For homeowners thinking about insulation removal in St. Catharines, the experts at Great Northern Insulation can provide the service. GNI begins with the inspection, follows up with viable recommendations for removal, and options for re-installing new material.

The scope of insulation removal varies with the type of home.

Every home type is different, so every insulation removal is going to be different. GNI has come across all types of insulation removal projects. Many of them are basic and problem-free. Some are rather problematic. And others are potentially dangerous or hazardous. When the insulation has been removed, most homes will require some level of repair or retrofit, all of which should be expedited before new insulation is installed. In most cases, airtightness and ventilation will need to be improved in some way. These deficiencies can be the source of wasted energy every season.

Removing insulation while renovating can save some money.

Removing insulation while renovating can save money. When contractors are coordinated, some of the work can be streamlined, and retrofitting can be combined. For GNI, insulation removal is a systematic process. Following inspection, GNI determines how much insulation to remove, how much of the material can be salvaged, and how to proceed with the new insulation. For GNI, the primary objective is to increase energy efficiency throughout the home – this will reduce energy consumption throughout the year, and save money on winter heating and summer cooling costs.

Insulation removal will require the expertise of professionals.

For the best results, insulation removal should be handled by a professional contractor. This type of work is beyond the competence of the average homeowner, and is best left to experts like GNI. GNI crews are trained, using high-powered vacuum systems, and managing waste disposal safely. When removal and disposal has been completed, GNI crews prepare the space for new insulation to be installed. This would include all of the repairs and retrofits that are deemed necessary. The idea is to do the job right the first time, and to ensure the best long-term outcomes for the future.

With a limited budget, a DIY approach may well be attractive.

When a project budget is limited, the DIY approach to insulation removal might be an attractive option. However, for a homeowner with little experience, the work will be time-consuming and possibly challenging. As it is, an amateur will take twice as long to finish the work as an expert. As well, insulation removal could be dangerous. There could be contaminated materials, and there might be asbestos or mold deposits. Whatever the circumstances, insulation removal is a risky undertaking, and it’s highly recommended to leave the work in the hands of a professional.

Repairs and/or retrofits may be required before re-insulating.

For homeowners in the St. Catharines area, GNI can offer a number of services. With insulation removal, every project is managed professionally and supervised from end to end. All repairs and retrofits are performed to code. And new insulation products are the best quality on the market. Where required, GNI will upgrade the ventilation, and install the necessary air barrier or vapour barrier. Most importantly, the workspace will be sealed airtight – it’s a priority for GNI. An air-sealed space will ensure better insulation performance, and better energy efficiency throughout.

An airtight space is necessary to maximize energy efficiencies.

Indoor air movement affects every home. However, homes that are sealed will manage indoor air movement far better. Well-sealed homes benefit in several ways: indoor air quality is improved; indoor air circulation is enhanced; and energy efficiency is measurably enhanced. For GNI, it’s all about creating a “system” - a combination of elements that work together to enhance a home’s energy efficiency. The elements - airtightness, ventilation, and insulation - work together to boost a home’s energy efficiency, reduce the energy consumption, and lessen yearly utility expenses.

GNI installs a variety of quality, top-rated insulation products.

In St. Catharines, GNI installs a variety of quality, top-rated insulation products. A popular option is blown insulation, particularly well suited for the attic. Blown insulation creates an effective  “thermal blanket” that delivers satisfactory R-Values (it’s available in fiberglass or cellulose). Also available are fiberglass batts - a viable installation for the attic, and with satisfactory R-Values. When professionally installed, both products will deliver long-term results and good lifespan.

For the consumer who is shopping for high performance insulation, the best choice is Spray Foam Insulation. SFI offers more advantages than any comparable product, and all in one application. SFI seals a given space totally airtight; it creates an air barrier/vapour barrier; and it installs high R-Values. With a professional install, Spray Foam Insulation will far outlast and outperform any of the other insulation products - it never needs replacing and never needs replenishment.

Also available from GNI is the special “hybrid” option. The “hybrid” install combines two products into one installation. Spray Foam Insulation is initially applied throughout a given space. This is then followed with an install of blown insulation - to supplement the SFI. This is an installation that benefits from both products. It’s a cost-effective approach, and with considerable long-term energy savings that can easily “pay down” the project investment with the savings on utilities.

In St. Catharines, Ontario, GNI strives for complete customer satisfaction. Installed products are the best quality on the market; warranties assure homeowners of product performance; and installations are all company guaranteed. If there’s a problem with the installation, GNI makes the necessary repairs, and without additional cost to the customer. Above all, GNI has a commitment to full customer satisfaction – it’s about quality products, superior installations, and good service.

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