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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Leamington

When removing home insulation, an in-depth inspection is the first step.

When removing home insulation, a thorough inspection of the space should be the first step. In an old home, the existing insulation may have lost it’s ability to fully insulate, or may have already started to deteriorate. A good inspection will provide a valuable overview of the conditions, and will define the extent of removal. Homeowners contemplating insulation removal in Leamington can rely on Great Northern Insulation for a wide range of professional services. The team at GNI will properly inspect the space, suggest a removal approach, and offer re-installation options.

Insulation removal will be different depending on house size and layout.

Because every home layout is different, every insulation removal is different. Over the years, GNI has seen practically every situation. Many removals are simply straightforward. Some are more challenging. And some can get dangerous, and even hazardous. As well, most homes will require some repairs or retrofits before any new insulation gets installed. Indeed, most homes could use an upgrade when it comes to air sealing, and an improvement to the existing ventilation. In short, any deficiency is a recipe for wasting energy (winter and summer) and therefore wasting money.

There are money savings when removing insulation during a home reno.

Removing insulation during an ongoing home reno can make for substantial cost savings. When contractors can be coordinated, work can be streamlined, and retrofits can be easily expedited at the same time. For the experts at GNI, insulation removal goes step-by-step. When the inspection is complete, GNI decides how much insulation to remove, how much to reclaim, and how best to approach the re-installation. The overall project objective is to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and therefore save money when heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Insulation removal requires the expertise of an insulation professional.

Whatever the size of the job, insulation removal requires professional expertise for best results. For the most part, this type of work is beyond the ability of the typical homeowner. But at GNI, the approach is professional:  crews are highly trained; high-powered vacuums are used; waste is efficiently disposed; and everything is done with safety in mind. Once the removal and disposal is complete, GNI prepares the space for new insulation. And in most cases, this would include any repairs or retrofits that may be recommended so that the final installation delivers good results.

Sometimes a project budget can be tight - and a DIY approach tempting.

When the budget is tight, a DIY approach to insulation might be tempting. But overall, the DIY approach is not recommended. For homeowners with little or no experience, insulation removal is a time-consuming and often challenging project. Without experience, it will take twice as long to do the work as a professional. In addition, insulation removal could be dangerous. There may be contamination; there may be asbestos deposits; there may even be mold. All things considered these risks aren’t worthwhile, even if there is money to save. Better to go with the professionals.

Some repairs and/or retrofits may be needed before any re-installation.

For homeowners in the Leamington area, GNI can offer a wide range of home insulation services. Removal and disposal is expertly performed. All repairs and retrofits are to code. And newly installed insulation is top-rated. More importantly, the team at GNI manages the project from end to end. When necessary, ventilation is upgraded. When required, an air barrier or vapour barrier is installed. And finally, airtightness is assured in the installation space. For GNI, an airtight space is a high priority – this will ensure long-term energy efficiency for the newly installed insulation.

For optimum energy efficiency, an airtight space is absolutely essential.

In every home, regardless of size or shape, air movement has an impact on the indoors. However, when a home is well sealed, air movement is better managed. A well sealed home offers a number of benefits:  improved indoor air quality; improved indoor air circulation; and much improved energy efficiency. On the job, GNI creates a complete insulation “system”, with a mix of elements that will fully maximize the home’s energy efficiency – effective air sealing throughout; adequate air ventilation and circulation; and top-rated insulation. This “system” delivers optimum results.

In Leamington, Ontario, GNI professionally installs top-rated insulation.

For homeowners in Leamington, GNI can offer a number of approaches for installing insulation. One option is blown insulation – a popular install for the attic/roof. Available in fiberglass or in cellulose, blown insulation creates a “thermal blanket” with satisfactory R-Value performance. A second option is fiberglass insulation batts, also suitable for the attic/roof, and with satisfactory R-Values. Professionally installed, fiberglass batts will provide good product lifespan.

For homeowners interested in high performance insulation, the best option here is Spray Foam Insulation. SFI is recognized as the best insulation product on the market, with far more benefits than comparable products. Professionally installed, SFI can do it all with one application: sealing a space airtight; creating an air barrier/vapour barrier; and providing very high R-Values. SFI outperforms and outlasts other options, and requires no replacement/replenishment.

Another insulation approach from GNI is the so-called “hybrid” installation. This is a combination install, using two products. Firstly, Spray Foam Insulation is installed throughout the space. Then, the blown insulation is installed to complement the SFI. The “hybrid” install delivers the benefits from both individual products. And in terms of project cost, it’s one of the most cost-effective. In fact, long-term energy savings can “pay down” the project cost in a reasonable time.

For homeowners in the Leamington area, Great Northern Insulation delivers 100% customer satisfaction on every job. Insulation products are top-rated, with a warranty that ensures long-term performance. GNI installation work is company guaranteed, regardless of the scope of work. And in the event of any problems or issues, GNI undertakes to make repairs that satisfy industry standards. The commitment, of course, is to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

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