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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in LaSalle

Before removing any insulation, a thorough inspection is worthwhile.

Insulation removal, whether it’s a big project or small, should begin with a thorough inspection of the space. In many older homes, existing insulation may have lost it’s capacity to insulate, or may have started to deteriorate. Inspection provides an opportunity to assess the current condition of the insulation, and to determine the extent of removal. Homeowners thinking about insulation removal in LaSalle can choose from a number of services available at Great Northern Insulation. GNI will inspect the space, recommend a removal strategy, and offer various installation options.

Insulation removal will differ with the size and layout of every home.

With every home being different, every insulation removal will also be different. Overall, GNI crews have seen practically everything. Some removals are straightforward. Some removals are more of a challenge. And some removals are actually hazardous. In addition, most homes require repairs and/or retrofits before any of the new insulation is installed. For example, many homes require improvements to air sealing, while others require improvements to existing ventilation. In general, insulation deficiencies are a recipe for wasted energy throughout winter and summer.

Removing insulation when renovating will result in cost efficiencies.

Removing insulation when renovating can make for substantial cost efficiencies. When the trades are coordinated, things can be streamlined, and retrofits can be expedited all at the same time. For GNI, insulation removal is step-by-step. Once inspection has been completed, GNI can decide how much of the insulation to remove, how much to salvage, and how best to re-install the new insulation product. The objective, of course, is to improve a home’s energy efficiency, reduce the energy consumption, and save money with winter heating and summer cooling around the year.

With insulation removals, experience and expertise is a requirement.

Whatever the scope of work, insulation removal needs experience and expertise for good results. Most of the time, this work is beyond the competence of an average homeowner. But at GNI, the crews are experts with this type of work. They use high-power vacuum equipment; they dispose of waste material completely; and they handle everything safely. When removal and disposal has been completed, GNI prepares for installing brand new insulation product. This would include all of the repairs and retrofits necessary to upgrade the installation space for best possible results.

When a project budget is tight, a DIY method may be quite tempting.

When a project budget is tight, a DIY method may well be tempting. But with insulation removal, the DIY method is not the best alternative. For a homeowner without any experience, insulation removal can be time-consuming and challenging. An amateur will work twice as long as someone with relevant expertise. As well, insulation removal can turn out to be dangerous - there may be some contamination; there may be leftover asbestos; and there may be hidden mold. All of these things considered, these are risks and dangers that aren’t worthwhile just to save some money.

Repairs or retrofits might be required before re-installing insulation.

For homeowners in LaSalle, Ontario, GNI can offer a wide range of residential insulation services. Removal and disposal are thorough and safe - repairs and retrofits conform to all building codes - and new insulation product is the best available. Importantly, GNI takes on a project from start to finish. Where necessary, existing ventilation is suitably upgraded. If required, air barriers and/or vapour barriers are installed. And finally, where specified, airtightness is ensured throughout the space. For GNI, airtightness is a priority - it will ensure that energy efficiency is fully maximized.

When striving for energy efficiency, an airtight space is fundamental.

Every home, whatever the size or shape, is impacted by indoor air movement. However, homes that are well sealed tend to manage indoor air movement far better. A properly sealed home will have several benefits:  indoor air quality will be better; indoor air circulation will be improved; and overall, energy efficiency will be enhanced. For the experts at GNI, it’s important to create a complete insulating “system”. When finished, this would comprise a mix of elements that would maximize energy efficiency - proper air sealing, effective air ventilation, and top-grade insulation.

In the Town of LaSalle, Ontario, GNI offers only top-quality insulation.

For homeowners in the Town of LaSalle, GNI offers various insulation options. One option is blown insulation - a common install for the attic or roof. The product is available in fiberglass or cellulose and serves as a “thermal blanket” with satisfactory performance and R-Values. A second option is fiberglass batts - also suitable for the attic and roof, and also providing satisfactory R-Values. Professionally installed, the fiberglass batts provide good product life for years to come.

For customers who prefer a high performance insulation product, the best option is Spray Foam Insulation. SFI is acknowledged as the best on the market, with benefits that exceed other similar products. With a professional installation, SFI does it all - it seals airtight; it creates an air barrier and vapour barrier; and it installs high R-Values. Indeed, SFI outperforms and outlasts all of the other insulation products available. The application requires no replacement or replenishment.

One of the unique options available from GNI is the “hybrid” option. It’s essentially an install that combines two products. First, Spray Foam Insulation is applied strategically throughout a space. Then, blown insulation is added as a complement to the SFI. This “hybrid” option is designed to deliver benefits from both products. As for the project investment, this is one of the most cost-effective approaches to residential insulation. The energy savings can often “pay down” the cost.

For residential homeowners in the Town of LaSalle, Great Northern Insulation ensures customer satisfaction on every project. Installed products are top quality, with a manufacturer’s warrantee that assures long-term performance. GNI installations are company guaranteed, regardless of the job size. In the event of an outstanding issue, GNI crews make necessary repairs to meet industry standards. There is no additional customer cost.

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