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A practical approach to Insulation Removal in Haldimand County

For better outcomes, insulation removal should begin with a good inspection.

Before removing insulation, it’s worthwhile to do a good inspection of the space. Older homes are naturally going to have old insulation - some of it having lost insulating integrity, and some of it having deteriorated completely. This is a good time to determine whether insulation removal is of urgent need or simply routine. For homeowners pondering insulation removal in Haldimand County, Great Northern Insulation can offer a wide range of professional services. GNI starts with a comprehensive inspection, and continues with insulation removal, repairs, and reinstallation.

Because homes are different in shape and size, insulation removal will differ.

Because every home is different in shape and size, insulation removal will also be different. GNI has undertaken practically every scenario:  simple, straightforward removals; more difficult and complex removals; even dangerous removals. There are also many situations where repairs and retrofits are required after the removal and before reinstallation. These are homes that may have poor quality insulation product; little or no air sealing; or insulation that has been badly installed. For the homeowner, every insufficiency contributes to wasted money on heating and cooling.

Removing insulation when renovating the home is efficient and money saving.

Removing insulation when renovating the home can be money saving, especially when work can be coordinated between various trades. When a home renovation is already in the works, it’s also a perfect time to do necessary repairs and retrofits. For the team at Great Northern Insulation, insulation removal is a step-by-step process. After inspecting the space, GNI decides how much of the insulation material will be removed completely, and how much can possibly be recovered and re-used. Finally, GNI completes the re-installation with high quality, high performance product.

With most insulation removal projects, expertise is essential for best results.

For best results, insulation removal requires experience and expertise. The fact is, removal is far more than just a clean and dump project. And it’s likely a project that exceeds the expertise of a typical homeowner. At Great Northern Insulation, crews are expert in their work. They employ high-power industrial vacuums; they remove and fully dispose of the debris; and they make sure that waste material is safely managed. When the removal work has been completed, GNI crews prepare the space for new insulation. This work would include various repairs and retrofits.

When project budgets are constrained, the DIY approach might be appealing.

When project budgets are constrained for some reason, homeowners might be tempted by a DIY approach. But in the majority of cases, this is not an advisable approach. Insulation removal is painstaking work. Somebody without experience will work twice as long as an expert doing the same work. Worse, insulation removal can be dangerous. Deteriorating insulation material could be contaminated; there could be asbestos from previous installations; or there may even be mold. In short, insulation removal is risky work - it should be left to the professionals with experience.

Many times, additional work is required before installing the new insulation.

When it comes to insulation, homeowners in Haldimand County can rely on GNI for service that is end-to-end. Insulation removal and disposal is thorough. Repairs and retrofits are completed according to the building code. And newly installed insulation is top quality. Importantly, GNI crews are expert in everything they do: installing a new air barrier or vapour barrier; upgrading existing ventilation; even enhancing air-sealing to ensure airtightness. In fact, for GNI, air sealing is absolutely essential when insulating a space – it will ensure maximum performance all around.

Making a space airtight is necessary in ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Indoor air movement impacts the inside environment of every home, regardless of size. However, homes that are properly sealed will manage indoor air movement far better. A well-sealed home will benefit in several ways:  indoor air circulation is going to be better; indoor air quality is going to be better; and energy efficiency throughout the home will be improved. For the experts at GNI, insulation projects are about creating a “system” - elements that work in tandem to improve energy efficiency. These elements include air sealing, ventilation, and high-quality insulation.

In Haldimand County, GNI crews install only high quality insulation products.

For homeowners in Haldimand County, GNI can offer several high quality insulation products. One of the options is blown insulation, a popular installation for residential attics and roofs. This product is available in either cellulose or fiberglass, and creates a very effective “thermal blanket” throughout the installation space. GNI can also offer fiberglass batt insulation. Also suitable for the attic and roof, the batts provide good R-Value, as well as reasonably good product lifespan.

Today, many discriminating homeowners are asking for high performance insulation products. For this, GNI recommends Spray Foam Insulation - a product that is recognized in the industry as the best of its kind. SFI has more benefits than other insulation product – it seals a space airtight; it creates an air barrier and vapour barrier with one application; and it installs higher R-Values than other products. SFI will last a lifetime, without the need for replacement or replenishment.

A more unique insulation option available from GNI is the so-called “hybrid” installation. Here, two insulation products are combined into one installation. First, the SFI is strategically applied. Then, the blown insulation product is installed as a complement. With a professional install, the “hybrid” method delivers excellent results within a cost-effective project budget. Truth is, annual savings on winter heating and summer cooling can often “pay down” the original project cost.

For customers in Haldimand County, the important thing for GNI is providing 100% customer satisfaction. Insulation products are always the highest quality, and always supported by the manufacturer’s product warrantee. As well, installations are fully company guaranteed. Best of all, homeowners can rest assured that any project issues will be handled with immediacy by GNI. Where necessary, GNI will repair or replace (to industry standard) without additional cost.

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