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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Chatham-Kent

For best outcomes, insulation removal should begin with a thorough assessment.

Before removing any insulation, a thorough assessment of the space is recommended. Old homes may already have insulation that has lost integrity or has deteriorated for some reason. This is where it’s important to decide whether removal is urgent and immediate, or if removal is routine. For homeowners contemplating insulation removal in Chatham-Kent, the professionals at Great Northern Insulation can undertake the project from start to finish. This would include insulation removal, repairs and retrofits, as well as reinstallation of high quality, high performance product.

Homes differ in size, shape, and layout – as such, insulation removal also differs.

Since all homes are different, insulation removals will also be different. GNI has encountered every possible scenario; some removals are pretty basic; some removals are on the difficult side; and some removals turn out to be dangerous. There are also situations where additional work is required - homes with ineffective insulation; homes that are inadequately sealed; or homes with insulation that was just badly installed. For homeowners, every defect makes for wasted energy. And wasted energy quickly translates into wasting money on seasonal heating and cooling costs.

Removing insulation during a home renovation is both efficient and cost cutting.

Removing insulation during an ongoing home renovation can be efficient and cost saving. When this work can be coordinated between various trades, the removal process can be streamlined. As well, renovating time is a good time to make necessary repairs and expedite necessary retrofits. For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, the project starts with a thorough assessment of current conditions. At this time, GNI decides how much insulation will actually be removed and how much will be recovered (where possible). Finally, there’s the installation of new product.

For most insulation removals, there’s a pre-requisite for some relevant expertise.

To do the job right, insulation removal requires a certain level of expertise. The truth is, removal is more than just cleaning up old insulation. This is work that goes well beyond the expertise of a homeowner. The crews at Great Northern Insulation are experts. They use industrial vacuums; they remove every scrap of debris; and they guarantee safe handling of waste. Once the initial removal work is complete, GNI crews start to prepare the space for installing new product. This might include a variety of repairs, enhanced air sealing, and even some retrofitting of ventilation.

When budget limitations are at issue, some homeowners may want a DIY option.

When a budget is limited, homeowners are sometimes tempted by a DIY approach. For insulation removal, this is not the best option. This type of project is time-consuming and painstaking - it will take an amateur twice as long to do the work as an expert. Not to mention that removing insulation can sometimes be hazardous - old insulation is often contaminated; it could contain residual asbestos; or it could contain mold of some sort. For the typical homeowner, this work is risky – it should be left to professionals like GNI, who have the relevant expertise to do it right.

There’s always additional work to be done prior to re-installing new insulation.

Homeowners in Chatham-Kent can rely on GNI for complete service when it comes to insulation removal. Removal, cleanup, and disposal are comprehensive. Repairs/retrofits are all expedited to code. And new insulation product is high quality and high performance. GNI installation crews are expert in their work:  they often need to install a new air barrier or vapour barrier; they may find the need to upgrade ventilation; or, they may decide that air sealing requires improvement. In fact, for GNI, air sealing a space is an essential component in ensuring insulating performance.

Sealing a space tight is essential when attempting to optimize energy efficiency.

In every home, indoor air movement affects the interior environment. However, homes that are optimally sealed will manage indoor air movement far better. Well sealed homes benefit in a number of ways:  the indoor air circulation is better; the overall air quality is better; and energy efficiency throughout the home is better. For the team at Great Northern Insulation, the priority is to create a “system” where individual components combine to enhance energy efficiency. For the very best outcomes, this would include air sealing, air ventilation, and high quality insulation.

In Chatham-Kent, Great Northern Insulation offers a variety of quality products.

For homeowners in Chatham-Kent, GNI offers a variety of quality insulation products. One option is blown insulation, an ideal choice for the attic, and a very effective “thermal blanket” providing satisfactory R-Values. In cellulose or fiberglass, this product is cost-effective in any home. GNI also installs the well-known fiberglass batt insulation. This product is also suitable for the attic and/or roof cavity, and provides good R-Values, along with reasonably long product life.

Today, many knowledgeable homeowners are asking for high performance insulation products. Here, GNI recommends Spray Foam Insulation (SFI). It’s acknowledged in the industry as the best product to date. SFI has more benefits than anything comparable – it seals a space completely airtight; it’s an air barrier/vapour barrier at one time; and it installs better R-Value than anything comparable. Professionally installed, SFI will last a lifetime with no need to replace or replenish.

One of the more unique approaches from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” approach. It’s a combination of two insulation products in one install. First of all, SFI is applied throughout the space. It’s then followed by an installation of blown insulation, which complements the SFI. The finished results are excellent, and the overall application is cost-effective on the budget. In fact, yearly savings on heating and cooling can often pay down the original project cost in short order.

For customers in Chatham-Kent, GNI is intent on providing 100% customer satisfaction. Products are top-quality, and supported by the manufacturer’s product warrantee. As well, installations and workmanship are company guaranteed. In short, every project is assured of full satisfaction. 

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