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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in the County of Brant

Insulation removal should start with an assessment of insulation materials.

Before removing old or aging insulation, it’s wise to do an overall assessment. In older homes, installed insulation may have already lost integrity, or may have deteriorated for one reason or another. Here, it’s important to establish whether removal is immediately urgent, or if the work is just routine. For homeowners thinking about insulation removal in the County of Brant, the experts at Great Northern Insulation do it all - removal, repairs, retrofits, and reinstallation. All products are high quality, workmanship is superior, and the project as a whole is guaranteed.

Since every home is different, every home insulation removal will be different.

Since every home is different, every insulation removal will be different. The team at GNI has encountered practically every project scenario - removals that are basic; removals that are more difficult; and removals that are dangerous. There are also scenarios that require additional work:  like homes with under-performing insulation; homes that are sealed improperly; and homes that suffer from poor installations. For the homeowner, every inadequacy is another recipe for wasted energy. And wasted energy means wasted money on heating and cooling throughout the year.

Removing old insulation while renovating is a good way to save project cash.

Removing insulation when renovating is a good way to save money. Indeed, if the project work can be well coordinated amongst the various trades, insulation removal can be totally simplified. Renovation time is also an excellent time to repair and retrofit, prior to installing new insulation. For the experts at Great Northern Insulation, insulation removal begins with an assessment of the existing insulation. This is followed by a decision on how much of the insulation will be removed and how much will be saved. Finally, there’s the installation of new, high quality insulation.

The majority of insulation removals require some experience and expertise.

In the majority of cases, insulation removal requires previous experience and expertise. This is much more than just a cleanup project – and it’s work that goes beyond the capability of a typical property owner. GNI crews are experts – they use industrial vacuum equipment; they remove everything completely; and they ensure the safe handling of all waste. When the initial cleanup work has been completed, GNI crews prepare the space for new insulation product. This includes making necessary repairs, proper air sealing, and retrofitting ventilation, where needed.

With budget limitations, homeowners might decide to go with the DIY option.

When the project budget is limited, some homeowners decide on a DIY approach to removing insulation. Overall, it’s not a good option - insulation removal is painstaking and time-consuming. An amateur takes twice the time as an expert, to do the same work. And sometimes, insulation removal can be hazardous. It’s not uncommon for old insulation to be contaminated, or to contain asbestos, or to contain mold. These are big risks for a homeowner to be doing the work. In short, insulation removal should be left to the professionals who have the expertise to do the job right.

Before installing new insulation, there may be additional work that’s needed.

For homeowners in the County of Brant, GNI offers a full service approach to insulation removal. Cleanup and disposal is thorough. Repairs and retrofits are all to code. And new insulation is the best quality on the market. GNI installers are experts in every aspect:  they may need to install an air barrier (or a vapour barrier); they may need to upgrade and retrofit the existing ventilation; or, they may need to completely air seal the installation space. Indeed, for GNI, air sealing the space is essential in ensuring performance for the insulation, and long-term energy efficiency.

An airtight space is absolutely essential in order to maximize energy efficiency.

Indoor air movement affects the inside of every home. But homes that are well sealed do a better job of controlling that air movement. A well sealed home will derive a number of benefits:  better air circulation; better air quality; and better energy efficiency. For Great Northern Insulation, the priority on every project is to create a “system” where everything combines to boost the energy efficiency. This includes effective air sealing; efficient air ventilation; and high quality insulation. And the long-term results are evident:  reductions in energy use and reductions in energy bills.

In the County of Brant, Great Northern Insulation installs only quality products.

In the County of Brant, GNI offers a number of insulation products for installation. One example is blown insulation, a popular choice for the attic. Blown insulation provides a “thermal blanket” that very effectively insulates with good R-Values. The product is available in either cellulose or fiberglass, and is regarded as a cost-effective install. GNI also installs fiberglass batt insulation, another suitable option for the attic, with good product lifespan, and good R-Values.

Today, there are many homeowners opting for high performance insulation. For this, GNI will recommend Spray Foam Insulation - recognized today as the best product on the market. It has many more benefits than any comparable product. SFI seals a space airtight. It acts as an air barrier and vapour barrier in one. And it provides better R-Value than any other product. With a professional installation, SFI lasts a lifetime, without the need to replace or replenish.

A more unique approach from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” application. It combines two insulation products in one application. First, the SFI product is applied throughout. This is followed by the blown insulation, which is installed as a complement. The results are excellent, and the application is cost-effective. In fact, the yearly savings on seasonal heating and cooling are significant enough that the installation cost can be paid down in a few short years.

For customers in the County of Brant, the focus for GNI is on complete customer satisfaction. All installed products are backed by the manufacturer’s warrantee, and installation workmanship is company guaranteed.

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