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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Amherstburg

Insulation removal begins with an in-depth assessment of existing insulation.

Before starting any insulation removal, it’s wise to assess the space in question. Older homes will naturally have aging insulation, and the material may have deteriorated, having little capacity to insulate. Importantly, it’s critical to establish whether insulation removal is urgent or routine. For homeowners planning insulation removal in Amherstburg, Great Northern Insulation offers a full service package. The GNI team does it all, including removal, repairs, and reinstallation. All work is professional standard and insulation products are the highest quality on the market today.

Because every home is different, the insulation removal will also be different.

Residential homes are all different - and so, the scope of insulation removal will also differ. GNI crews have literally seen it all: removal work that is straightforward; removal work that is more challenging; and removal work that is outright dangerous. There are also other issues - homes with insufficient insulation; homes that are inadequately sealed; and homes with insulation work that is simply dreadful. For a typical homeowner, every area of inadequacy is an opportunity to waste energy. In short, wasted energy is wasted money on winter heating and summer cooling.

A chance to remove insulation during a renovation is a chance to save money.

Removing insulation during a renovation is an excellent way to save on costs. If the work can be well coordinated between the trades, insulation removal can be simplified. In fact, renovations are an excellent opportunity to make additional repairs and retrofits – this will properly set the stage for re-installing new insulation product. For Great Northern Insulation, the work is orderly and systematic. First, there’s a comprehensive review of current conditions. Next, GNI experts decide how much insulation material will be removed. And finally, there’s a reinstallation plan.

For the most part, insulation removal is a project requiring prior experience.

For the most part, insulation removal is a project that requires some prior experience. Whether it’s a new home or an old home, insulation removal is more than a clean up job. Without doubt, the work requires more experience than the average homeowner can offer. GNI has expert crews with experience and expertise to deliver results. Industrial equipment is employed to ensure that removal and disposal of waste insulation is safe. Once the cleanup is complete, GNI undertakes to prepare the space with effective air sealing and with retrofitted ventilation, wherever required.

When budget limitations are a factor, some homeowners choose a DIY option.

When budgets are limited, homeowners might go for the do-it-yourself approach to insulation removal. This is not the best alternative, and for many reasons. Insulation removal is painstaking work and very time-consuming. It can take an amateur twice as long to finish as an expert. Worse still, the work can be dangerous - old insulation is often contaminated - there could be deposits of mold - and without warning, there could be asbestos. The risks aren’t justified. This is work for the experts – those with the know-how and experience to take on the project from start to finish.

Before installing the new insulation products, there’s some preparation to do.

For homeowners in Amherstburg, GNI provides insulation removal from start to finish. Removal, and disposal are comprehensive. Repair work and retrofitting satisfy the building code. And new insulation is high quality and high performance. GNI undertakes the entirety of the project: there may be need for an air barrier or a vapour barrier; there may be work required to upgrade the air ventilation; and more often than not, effective air sealing will be required. For GNI, air sealing is primary to every project. The idea is to create a totally airtight space to ensure energy efficiency.

Sealing a space airtight is a critical component for ensuring energy efficiency.

Indoor air movement affects all homes, regardless of size or shape. However, homes that are well sealed control indoor air movement much better. Well-sealed homes are known to have benefits: air circulation is noticeably better; indoor air quality is also better; and seasonal energy efficiency is much improved. For Great Northern Insulation, most insulation projects focus on creating a “system” that will deliver energy efficiency. This necessitates effective air sealing, appropriate air ventilation, and quality insulation. The results: reduced energy usage and reduced utility bills.

In Amherstburg, GNI provides homeowners with the highest quality products.

In the Amherstburg area, GNI offers homeowners superior products and installations. For one, blown insulation is a popular option for attics and roofs. Professionally installed, it creates an effective “thermal blanket” with satisfactory R-Values. Blown insulation is a cost-effective install, typically available in fiberglass or cellulose, and with a good product lifespan. GNI also installs the more traditional fiberglass batts - once again, very suitable for attics and roofs and offering good R-Values wherever installed. Fiberglass batt insulation has a satisfactory product lifespan.

Today, many homeowners are looking for high performance insulation. In this regard, GNI would routinely recommend Spray Foam Insulation. SFI has gained acceptance amongst professionals, and is now recognized as the best product on the market. It has more benefits per application than any other option. SFI effectively seals airtight; it serves as an air barrier and vapour barrier simultaneously; and provides the highest possible R-Values wherever installed. When completed, an SFI installation will last a lifetime, without the need to top up, replace, or replenish.

One of the more unique installations from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” install. This is a combination of two insulation products, essentially installed together. To start, the Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout. Next, the blown insulation (in a choice of cellulose or fiberglass) is installed in order to supplement the SFI. Professionally installed, the results are excellent, and the project investment is one of the most cost-effective. Indeed, annual energy savings can often pay off the original project investment with the ongoing savings on heating and cooling.

For customers in Amherstburg, GNI is committed to customer satisfaction. Installed products are guaranteed and supported by the manufacturer’s warrantee, while workmanship is guaranteed with a solid company commitment.

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