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Fiberglass Batt Insulation and Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation in Brant

Having some knowledge about home insulation is useful for a typical homeowner

When it comes to home insulation, there’s no need to get overly technical, although having some basic knowledge would be useful.  For those deciding between fiberglass batt insulation and fiberglass loose fill insulation in Brant, it’s basic knowledge that will contribute to a good working relationship with a potential contractor. Indeed, the basics are straightforward: insulating is primarily about restricting “heat flow” in a home. During winter, it’s about restricting indoor heated air from escaping out. During summer, it’s about restricting outdoor heat from creeping in. By any measure, “heat flow” isn’t good for the home. It will inevitably compromise energy efficiency, and will inevitably cause higher energy bills.

For the experts, “heat flow” is fundamental to every insulation project.  For them, everything is focused on the “building envelope" - basically, the structure of the house. It’s the “envelope” that has the most influence on “heat flow”, and this could be a positive influence or a negative influence. For the experts, their goal is to eliminate the negative influences of “heat flow”. This is precisely why it is so important to buy insulation that is right for the job. In short, a high quality insulation product will successfully address “heat flow”. And for the homeowner, there are numerous benefits:  greater energy efficiency; better-balanced energy consumption; and reduced energy use, along with lower heating/cooling bills.

Every year, it seems like there are more insulation products on the market. And while every product makes claims, there’s only one priority for the homeowner:  product performance - regardless of which product is chosen. Effective insulation must restrict air movement; restrict moisture build-up; and demonstrably increase R-Value. All of this is vital for a professional contractor to consider the job well done. As for those who are thinking about a D.I.Y. home insulation project - yes - there are definitely savings. However, by any measurement, there is no comparison with a professional approach. In fact, it’s the expert installers who will deliver the very best results – both short term and long term.

Fiberglass insulation products continue to be among the most popular

For the average homeowner in North America, fiberglass insulation products (in the form of batts or loose fill) continue to be among the most popular. Both product options are frequently used in roof cavities, attic spaces, and even attached garages. A good quality installation can provide good R-Value and long lifespan for the installation. And with a top-quality product, the results can be satisfactory:  better energy efficiency; a reduction in energy consumption; and lower utility bills through the year.

Like any other work, fiberglass insulation requires expertise and experience. Clearly, the professional contractor understands their products and installations. And it’s the professionals who can guarantee a high level of performance. An expert installer will install loose fill insulation with consistent uniformity to assure maximum insulation performance. Similarly with the fiberglass batt insulation – an expert installer will install strategically and guarantee insulation performance for years to come.

There are definitely some benefits when installing fiberglass insulation

Like any manufactured product, the best outcomes result when following manufacturer guidelines. It’s the same with fiberglass insulation. The products are safe, non-toxic, and asbestos-free. The install is non-corrosive and non-combustible. And finally, the better brands are pre-tested for air-quality. As for consumers who gravitate towards “green” products, fiberglass insulation contains recycled glass.

A good installation will ensure that a fiberglass-insulated environment will not attract animals, rodents, or insects. But importantly, a fiberglass-insulated environment must be effectively ventilated. This is absolutely critical to prevent product deterioration and ensure longevity for the installation itself. For homeowners deciding on fiberglass insulation in Brant, it’s definitely a cost-effective option.

There are some potential disadvantages when installing fiberglass insulation

From a professional perspective, fiberglass products do not address all insulation issues on their own. Importantly, fiberglass insulation does not effectively stop air movement, and does not effectively stop moisture from building up. This is all quite problematic in such areas as the attic or roof.

Another area of concern with fiberglass products is air leakage. Even the best fiberglass installation will not effectively seal a space. The unfortunate result is residual air leakage – and for a professional, air leakage can significantly compromise the insulation’s performance capacity.

More problems are at hand when fiberglass is wet. Wet fiberglass will invariably lose its integrity and will invariably lose its R-Value. If left unattended, a wet fiberglass environment will finally deteriorate. In a situation like this, the only remedy is removal and reinstallation of the insulation.

Spray foam products are now becoming a viable alternate to fiberglass products

In many cases, insulation contractors are deciding to use spray foam as an alternative application to fiberglass products.  Spray foam does more than any other comparable product available on the market. The application stops air leakage, stops moisture buildup., and has the highest R-Value.

Overall, the best thing about spray foam is the capacity to impede “heat flow”. Beyond that, spray foam seals a space totally airtight, and allows the insulation to perform at maximum potential. Indeed, there’s no other insulation product that can deliver similar benefits with one single application.

For some, the “hybrid” insulation approach could be the most cost-effective option

As a top-rated insulation product, professionals are routinely installing spray foam in attics and roofs. They understand the efficacy of the product and they value the benefits. But realistically, spray foam is not for every budget. And for this reason, G.N.I. (Great Northern Insulation) is offering a cost effective option, suitable for the more budget conscious.  It’s a method referred to as the “hybrid” installation.

With the “hybrid” installation, spray foam is installed in tandem with one of the fibreglass products. This is a method that allows the spray foam to completely seal and effectively insulate, while allowing the fibreglass product to supplement R-Values, but remain cost-effective. All in all, this insulation method provides an ideal option for those homeowners who are working with a specific budget.

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