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Basement Insulation in Welland

Residential basements have not always been comfortable living spaces. Years ago, the basement was almost exclusively used for doing the laundry, and for extra storage space. The furnace was down there, and maybe some space for a workshop. But most of the time, the basement was dark and damp. Basement walls were cement block, there was no insulation, and no drywall. Today, it’s much different - basements are comfortable living spaces, and used for a variety of purposes.

As homeowners shop around for basement insulation in Welland, they are focused on turning the basement into a functional and comfortable space. Of course, the laundry, storage, and furnace will remain intact, but the aim is to create a basement that’s family-friendly. And this is exactly why the basement has to be properly insulated. Simply put, a well-insulated basement will make for a super-comfortable basement - whether it’s a media room, a home office, or an in-law suite.

A properly insulated basement results from a quality approach to the project. And although home comfort is a high priority for every homeowner, a well-insulated basement provides many more benefits in a typical home. To begin with, energy efficiencies throughout the home are better balanced. Also, energy consumption is reduced for winter heating and summer air conditioning. And finally, utility bills are lessened – the quality approach makes for money savings every year.

With basement insulation, many homeowners are simply focused on keeping things warm during winter and comfortably cool during summer. But bottom line, a well-insulated basement can do much more.  This is why a professional contractor would be valuable to the project. Professionals understand products and installations, and can suggest what’s best. And while a DIY approach might well have some appeal, the best results are derived from a job done right from the start.

Homeowners shopping around for basement insulation in Welland would be wise to go with the quality approach to the project. The thing is, most home improvements today are cosmetic and aesthetic – like washroom and kitchen upgrades. But basement insulation is different. There are actually dollar savings to be had, especially when a quality approach is maintained. A properly insulated basement can reduce utility bills where the savings can even offset the project cost.

In the majority of situations, a professional touch will deliver better results than the so-called DIY approach. Basement insulation is well worth doing right the first time, and the benefits in a typical home are noticeable: the finished R-Values will be higher; air leakage and air movement will be virtually eliminated; and undesirable basement moisture will be averted. Big picture, the home’s overall energy efficiency will be improved considerably, with ongoing utility savings.

The properly insulated basement improves overall energy efficiencies.

Like other home improvement projects, basement insulation relies on a quality approach for best outcomes. It will ensure improved overall energy efficiencies, better-balanced energy usage, and reduced heating/cooling costs from one season to the next.

Having the basement insulated professionally is a cost-worthy project.

With a professionally managed installation, it’s the ongoing energy savings that make basement insulation so cost-worthy. And while every home and project is going to be different, the savings could contribute to “paying down” the project investment.

Ongoing energy savings will depend on the scope of insulation work.

There are several factors that will affect ongoing energy savings once the basement insulation is completed. First - the size and layout of the project space. Second - the type of insulation product installed. And third - the quality of the installation work.

Properly preparing the basement is essential prior to any insulating.

A basement should be checked for any water entry issues before doing any insulation work. And where remediation is required, it should be handled by a professional. Indeed, repair work and restoration should be completed before any insulation work.

With a basement insulation project, building codes must be followed.

Building codes are going to be different regionally, and are based on the type of insulation work performed. This is exactly where good insulation contractors are valuable – they assess the job, they advise on code requirements, and they install to code.

Properly insulating “awkward” basement spaces is part of the work.

Basements are known to have “awkward” spaces throughout. These are always hard to insulate with conventional products. Here, Spray Foam Insulation has proven an effective application that seals and insulates those spaces with optimum results.

By any measure, basement insulation requires expertise for best results. Expert installers have the product know-how to recommend the best approach for the basement. And today, many of the experts are recommending Spray Foam Insulation. As a freestanding insulation product, SPUF delivers better outcomes with one application than any comparable application. Throughout the industry, SPUF is simply considered the best on the market, and with the best overall performance.

As part of their basement insulation project, some homeowners are deciding to insulate the floor. This requires spraying SPUF right into the open floor, and subsequently covering with concrete. It’s truly the ultimate in insulation, but certainly not for every homeowner’s budget. As it is, the walls of the basement continue to be the top priority in terms of insulation. And here again, an expert contractor can be of great value - suggesting the best option for effectively sealing and insulating.

In any scenario, basement insulation should be about improving energy efficiency. This is why so many professionals are installing SPUF – it’s a superior product delivering superior results. The SPUF product seals a space airtight – it installs very high R-Values – it prevents any air leakage – and it stops moisture from collecting. But as a premium choice product, SPUF is not always a good fit for the budget. And this is why Great Northern Insulation suggests the so-called “hybrid” installation.

The “hybrid” installation combines Spray Foam Insulation along with a complimentary insulation product to create a dual application.  Project results have proven to be excellent; outcomes are quite long lasting; and the project itself is cost-effectiveness. Professionally installed, the “hybrid” approach brings benefits from both insulation products:  air leakage is curtailed; R-Values are heightened; and the project investment is very cost effective – a very cost-worthy installation.

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