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Basement Insulation in Tecumseh

For many, the basement was never a comfortable living space. It was for doing laundry; it was for storage; and it was for the furnace and hot water tank. In most cases, the basement was dark and dank – it was a musty space for most of the year. In most residential homes the walls were brick and there was no sign of insulation or drywall either. Today, however, that’s all changed – and for the better - basements are now very comfortable living spaces, adding valuable square footage.

In Tecumseh, basement insulation has made it possible for homeowners to have a basement that is livable and functional. The furnace is still there – the laundry facilities are there – and even the storage space. But basements are now totally family-friendly. There may be an entertainment room; an extra bedroom or two; even a freestanding office space. And for some, there may be a completely self-contained “in-law” suite. The basement has become fully usable from end to end.

Basements have become comfortable largely because they have been well insulated. And when the insulation has been professionally installed, comfort levels are at the maximum. Quality will make the difference, and that includes the insulation product itself, as well as the install method.  Beyond comfort, a properly insulated basement will improve overall energy consumption around the home, and will substantially lower the heating and cooling costs throughout the seasons.

For homeowners in Tecumseh, basement insulation is mostly about keeping the place warm in winter and cool in summer. But with good insulation, there are many more benefits to be had. Professional insulation contractors understand these benefits, and therefore recommend doing basement insulation properly from the start. Professional installers know from experience that basements need the same quality insulation that is routinely installed in other parts of the house.

When it comes time to shop for basement insulation in Tecumseh, this is a home improvement project that really has some valuable payoffs. In fact, most home improvement projects are much more cosmetic and focus on aesthetics (like the kitchen or washroom). On the flip side, properly insulating the basement can deliver measurable cost savings for the homeowner. Clearly, this is an improvement project that can actually be “paid off” with the yearly savings on the utilities.

With a professionally managed basement insulation project, homeowners can realize numerous benefits, especially when a high quality product is part of the installation. High quality insulation will improve the R-Value level in the home considerably. A good install will prevent both airflow and air leakage dramatically. And finally, good insulation will inhibit moisture from collecting and accumulating. Overall, the energy efficiency of the home will be heightened substantially.

Are the benefits of basement insulation measurable?

When properly installed, quality insulation is going to enhance R-Value immediately. It means that the home will experience improved energy efficiency. And it means that energy consumption will be reduced. Heating bills and cooling bills will both be lowered, and it will be noticeable.

Does basement insulation deliver homeowner value?

There is no doubt that basement insulation will deliver homeowner value. In fact, a high quality insulation product (installed professionally) can provide annual dollar savings that will quickly  “pay down” the initial cost of the entire project. As well, good insulation adds real estate value.

What is the extent of savings after an insulation job?

When insulating the basement, savings are going to depend on the extent of work performed, on the type of insulation used, and on the workmanship of the contractor. Clearly, quality insulation products and a high quality application will make for the best results, and for the best outcomes.

Is prep-work required before the insulation work?

As it turns out, there are still many basements (including new construction) that are experiencing issues with water entry. These issues must be properly remediated before insulation is installed. And it’s definitely a job for the professional – it requires flawless renovation and reconstruction.

Does the building code affect basement insulation?

Building codes will differ with the scope of the project and the type of building being renovated. A good insulation contractor would be valuable here, in assessing the scope of work, and advising the homeowner about code requirements.  A good contractor always follows the building code.

How can “awkward” spaces get properly insulated?

The truth is, most basements have spaces that are awkward and unusual. Consequently, these are very difficult to insulate with most products. However, with Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), this is absolutely not a problem. SPF will completely seal and insulate all of the “unreachable” spaces.

For homeowners deciding on basement insulation in Tecumseh, considering a professional install would be a wise choice. The professionals will recommend product options and install methods that would be most suitable for the job. And today, more and more professionals are suggesting Spray Polyurethane Foam for the basement. One application does it all, with far more benefits than other comparable insulation products – SPF is the best insulation product on the market.

In more recent years, insulating basement floors has become part of a complete project approach. This entails spraying SPF into an open basement floor and cementing over with concrete. It’s the optimum in basement insulation, and goes far beyond other applications. But it’s costly. It may not fit with the average homeowner’s budget. With this in mind, the next priority would be the basement walls – and here, the focus has to be on sealing and insulating to the maximum.

As mentioned, basement insulation is about energy efficiency, and in the basement, spray foam has proved to be the best. It performs far better than other applications and does it all with one install. Spray Polyurethane Foam blankets a space for total airtightness. It provides the highest R-Value possible. And it doesn’t allow for unwanted moisture collection. For basement insulation in Tecumseh, the Spray Polyurethane Foam application could be the best solution of all.

With SPF, its important to understand that it’s a premium product. As such, it may not be right for all budgets. But Great Northern Insulation has come up with an excellent alternative - a “hybrid” application that combines spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation in one install. These products work in tandem to provide excellent insulation results, inside a project budget that is very cost effective. Best of all, the “payback” period on the initial investment is reasonable.

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