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Basement Insulation in St. Catharines

In years gone by, basements weren’t really set up for living. Basements were traditionally set up for doing laundry; for miscellaneous storage; for furnace equipment; and for the hot water tank. The basement was dark, dank, and musty throughout most of the year. For the most part, the walls in the basement were brick, without any insulation, and without any drywall. Today, things are much different - basements have become comfortable living areas with multiple uses.

For homeowners installing basement insulation in St. Catharines, the main purpose is to make the space functional and comfortable. Clearly, the furnace equipment will stay, the laundry setup will remain, and the storage space will likely be improved. But for most, the idea is to make the basement more family-friendly. It may be in the form of a new “media” room; another bedroom; or a home-office arrangement. Some may even choose to create a self-contained apartment.

Comfortable basements are largely the result of being properly insulated. And with a professional installation, maximum comfort levels can be achieved. A quality approach will make a difference, and that means using a quality insulation product that is expertly installed.  But there’s more to achieve than just home comfort - a well-insulated basement is more energy efficient, and that means better-balanced energy consumption, and lower heating/cooling costs every season.

For average homeowners, basement insulation is mainly about keeping the entire space warm in wintertime and cool in summertime. But a well-insulated basement brings many more benefits. A good insulation contractor can explain all of these benefits, and can recommend a suitable project plan to meet the needs. Basement insulation is worth doing properly from the start, and from a quality perspective, the space requires the same attention to quality as the rest of the home.

For homeowners currently thinking about basement insulation in St. Catharines, this project will have a valuable payoff. The truth is, most home improvement efforts are cosmetic in nature, with a focus on the aesthetic (like kitchen and washroom renos). However, when doing basement insulation, there are actually measurable cost savings. Indeed, just the annual savings in heating and cooling bills can easily contribute to “paying off” the original investment in the project.

When basement insulation is professionally managed, the results are superior. And for the typical homeowner, a good job in the basement will result in numerous benefits: overall R-Values will be enhanced considerably; unwanted airflow will be averted; and air leakage will be prevented. As well, good insulation will stop moisture from collecting, something that is especially important in a space like the basement. Bottom line, energy efficiency in the home is dramatically improved.

Measurable benefits when insulating the basement

When installed properly, a quality insulation product will measurably heighten R-Values.  Beyond comfort, the home’s energy efficiency will be improved. This means reduced energy usage, along with heating bills and cooling bills that are noticeably lower.

Added homeowner value with basement insulation

There is always added value when installing basement insulation. A professional install, using a top quality product, will contribute significantly to yearly savings on utilities.  Indeed, depending on the project, these savings can even “pay off” the project.

Savings expectations when insulating the basement

When insulating a basement, the actual savings will depend on the scope of work, on the quality of the insulation, and on the quality of the install itself. Clearly, a quality approach all around will contribute to better outcomes and better savings long term.

Preparation work before the insulation work begins

Importantly, there are many basements (even new builds) that have water entry issues. These are issues that should be remediated properly before insulation work begins. This is work for a professional, requiring expertise in the repair and rework.

Following building codes when installing insulation

Building codes are different, depending on the scope of work and type of building. This is where a good insulation contractor is valuable in assessing the work, and advising on code requisites. A reputable contractor routinely follows the building codes.

Properly insulating “unusual” spaces in the basement

Because of layout, most basements have some unusual spaces. These spaces are quite difficult to insulate using traditional insulating products. However, with Spray Foam Insulation, the space is effectively sealed and insulated without any problem.

All things considered, basement insulation should be professionally installed. A professional can recommend the most suitable product and installation for the job, while considering the needs and priorities of the homeowner. Today, many professionals recommend Spray Foam Insulation (SFI) for the basement. With a single application there are far more benefits than any comparable product on the market. In short, SFI is the best insulation product available.

The ultimate in basement insulation is floor insulation. Here, SFI is sprayed throughout an open basement floor, followed by a cement covering. This methodology goes far beyond comparable applications, and delivers maximum insulating results. But it’s not for all homeowner budgets. As such, the next priority for insulating is the walls. And here, the focus should be on effectively sealing and insulating the space with a product and installation that does the best possible job.

At the end of the day, insulating the basement is about improving energy efficiency. For this, SFI has proven to be the best, and for performance, nothing compares. SFI provides a totally airtight space. It installs higher R-Values than any product. And it doesn’t allow moisture to collect. At the same time, SFI is considered to be a premium product, and may not fit every budget. For another option, Great Northern Insulation now offers a viable alternative - the “hybrid” application.

For the basement, the “hybrid” application has become a viable option for many homeowners. The finished results are first-rate, and the overall project investment remains cost-effective. It’s basically a combination install that incorporates the SFI product with another insulation product to provide a space that is well sealed and well insulated. The products work well together, and deliver many years of product performance, and significant dollar savings on utilities.

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