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Basement Insulation in Sarnia

Basements have only been “family friendly” in the last few decades. It used to be that the basement was almost exclusively used for doing the laundry and for extra storage. There was also space for the hot water tank and the furnace equipment, but basements were generally cold, damp and stale. The walls were always bare, without insulation, and without any drywall. It was not a livable space.

In Sarnia, basement insulation can literally transform a basement into a comfortable, functional and livable space. And for many homeowners, basements have been transformed into fabulous spaces: like an extra bedroom - a freestanding home-office – even a self-contained apartment. Whatever the final use, the aim is to create a space that is comfortable – and that comes from good insulation.

Comfort in every basement is derived from a space that is well insulated. Basements that are well insulated provide both indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Indoor comfort makes the space livable for the occupants, while the energy efficiency makes for lower utility bills throughout the year.  And with the cost of utilities ever increasing, the savings from season to season are a welcome benefit.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of homeowners who still don’t understand the full value of insulating the basement. For insulation professionals, there is no dispute - the basement requires insulation to the same extent as the rest of the home. In fact, it’s argued that basements should be better insulated.  This is one of the better home improvement investments, and can pay for itself quite quickly.

When a basement is insulated with a high quality product, and a professional application, there are several benefits for the homeowners. To begin with, airflow, air leakage, and moisture accumulation are all prevented. But best of all, the newly installed R-Value (the measure of insulation potential) is enhanced to a greater level. And with the HVAC unit operating at peak, utility costs will be lowered.

Is the overall project cost of basement insulation worthwhile?

Insulating a basement is one of the best projects with respect to investment and payoff. And a well-executed installation will result in lower utility bills for winter heating and summer cooling. In fact, the annual savings will serve to “pay down” the overall project cost in very reasonable time period.

Can the specific benefits of basement insulation be measured?

Whether it’s the basement or the attic, quality insulation will enhance R-Value (insulating potential). It will be noticeable in terms of indoor comfort, and measureable in terms of energy savings. And the higher the R-Value, the better – it’s the R-Value that will be contributing to lowering utility bills.

What are the actual savings when the basement is insulated?

The savings from basement insulation depend on the quality of product being used, and the quality of the installation. Needless to say, quality brings better outcomes and more meaningful savings. But actual savings will always depend on the size of the basement and the scope of work undertaken.

Are building codes prescribed when insulating the basement?

Building codes are prescribed for various building types and various types of construction. With a good contractor, homeowners can be sure that the building code will be followed, and that product options and installation recommendations will meet the pre-requisites of the basement space.

Is there preparation required when insulating the basement?

Most basements have water entry issues. These must be assessed and remediated before insulation work takes place. Depending on the severity of the issue, there may be substantial work involved, but whatever the case, water entry issues must be remediated prior to any insulation work commencing.

How do those difficult-to-reach areas get properly insulated?

Most every basement will have areas that are hard to reach and just as hard to properly insulate. For these areas, the ideal solution is foam insulation. Spray foam insulation can easily penetrate, seal and insulate those difficult to reach areas - every hole, gap, and opening is effectively coated.

In Sarnia, it’s preferable for a professional to handle a basement insulation project. It’s the experts who can offer options to suit homeowner needs, and provide advice on the installation that will work best. Today, more and more professionals are suggesting foam insulation for the basement. A single application delivers more homeowner benefits than most other products available on the market. And the major benefit, of course, is the superior level of R-Value when spray foam is installed.

The ultimate application for the basement uses foam insulation inside the floor. In this application, foam insulation is sprayed right into the floor, and covered with a conventional concrete coating. It’s an application that delivers optimum results, but it’s an application that may not suit every budget. Apart from the floor, the basement walls are the highest priority, and here, the emphasis with a good installation is airtightness. It will ensure that airflow and air leakage are completely constrained.

In the end, the focus of basement insulation is energy conservation. And in the basement, the best outcomes are achieved with spray foam insulation. One application contributes to optimum energy conservation. The basement space becomes airtight, and the insulation value is better than any comparable product. The truth is, spray foam has demonstrated more homeowner benefits than any other insulating product or combination of insulating products.

Industry wide, spray foam is recognized as a quality, premium product, and therefore, it does not fit into every budget. In Sarnia, Great Northern Insulation offers homeowners a good alternative – it’s a so-called “hybrid” approach that combines spray foam and fiberglass “batts” in one installation. First, the foam is sprayed into a given space, and then, the fiberglass “batts” are installed. It’s cost effective for most budgets, while providing excellent insulation outcomes, and a realistic pay down period.

The most important thing with any basement insulation project is to do it right. And for the experts at Great Northern Insulation, it means using high quality products with a professional installation. It’s the quality approach that brings meaningful homeowner benefits and significant energy savings.

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