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Basement Insulation in Niagara Falls

Residential basements have not always been comfortable living spaces like they are today. Years ago, basements were relegated for laundry, for storage, perhaps even a workshop. In the majority of homes, basements were damp and musty, and not hospitable. The basement walls were bare – made of cement brick – without drywall – and without insulation. Today, residential basements in the majority of homes are finished living spaces, used in a variety of ways.

For homeowners who want to install basement insulation in Niagara Falls, the goal is to create a usable, livable, comfortable environment. In many cases, the laundry space and storage space will be improved, but the most important aspect is to make the basement family-friendly. And here, properly insulating the basement is going to be essential. When properly insulated, the basement space can easily turn into an extra bedroom, office, or entertainment room.

Simply put, a comfortable basement space relies directly on good insulation. And without doubt, doing the project with quality in mind will have a better impact. But as much as comfort is a consideration, a well-insulated basement will do much more. Good insulation will improve energy efficiency in every part of the home. Moreover, energy consumption in the winter and summer will be better balanced. And finally, seasonal utility bills will be less.

Years ago, insulating the basement was mainly about keeping the space warm during winter and cool during summer. But a well-insulated basement actually does much more.  This is where an expert insulation contractor can be of value - experts can readily suggest an installation approach that will deliver the best results for the homeowner. But more importantly, basement insulation should be done the right way from the start, and with quality at the forefront.

For those who want to install basement insulation in Niagara Falls, this is one of those projects with a definite “payoff”. And while many home projects are cosmetic (like washroom renovations or kitchen renovations), insulating the basement is much different. A good insulation job can actually deliver dollar savings year after year. Indeed, basements that are properly insulated can markedly reduce heating and cooling bills, and can even offset the project cost.

Basement insulation, when professionally managed, is going to deliver much better results than a D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) project. And in most cases, the homeowner benefits will be immediately noticeable - R-Values will be considerably augmented - airflow and air leakage will be virtually eliminated - and undesirable basement moisture will be averted. Best of all, energy efficiencies in the home will be improved, and indoor comfort will be noticeably enhanced.

A well-insulated basement improves overall energy efficiency

A well-insulated basement, with quality insulation, and a professional install, will improve energy efficiency dramatically. Consequently, energy consumption will be reduced seasonally, and utility bills (for winter heating and/or summer cooling) will be similarly reduced.

With an expert install, basement insulation is well worthwhile

While it’s true that basement insulation improves home comfort substantially, it’s the savings on energy that makes the project worthwhile. And while every project is different, dollar savings on utilities can potentially “pay down” the initial investment on the project.

Actual dollar savings will depend entirely on the scope of work

Homeowner savings, when basement insulation is complete, will depend on a number of factors:  the size/layout of the basement space; the insulation product installed; and the workmanship. To be sure, a quality approach is going to deliver the best results and savings.

Properly preparing the basement is essential before insulating

Today, there are still many basements that experience water entry issues - it’s even prevalent in new builds. Whatever the case, these issues require professional attention before any insulating work commences. This is work for a professional with the right expertise.

Basement insulation work requires abidance to building codes

Building codes vary by region, by building structure, and by insulation work undertaken. This is where a good insulation contractor can be valuable, assessing the project, and advising on code. Good contractors will invariably abide by building codes and by-laws.

Insulating “awkward” spaces in the basement can be a challenge

Basements will often have “awkward” spaces that are difficult to properly insulate. These spaces must be insulated to the same degree as other areas of the basement. And here, nothing seals and insulates more effectively than the Spray Foam Insulation product.

For best results, basement insulation should be done professionally. Professionals know which products and installations work best for a given job. In fact, in recent years, many professionals have been opting for Spray Foam Insulation as the best option for the basement. One application does it all, and with more homeowner benefits than comparable options. In the industry, SFI is considered the best on the market, and particularly well suited for the basement.

For some, basement insulation will entail insulating the floor. For this, SFI is sprayed throughout an open floor, and subsequently covered with new cement. This is truly the ultimate in insulation, and with superb results that outweigh anything comparable. But it’s not for all budgets – so for many, basement walls are the top priority. Here again, a good installation contractor is valuable, being able to focus on which installation will best seal and insulate the given space.

For the most part, basement insulation is about improving the energy efficiency of a home. As it is, SFI has proven itself as a superior product. It creates a finished space that is totally airtight. It provides higher R-Values than most. And it prevents basement moisture from gathering. At the same time, it’s a premium-choice product, and might not fit everyone’s budget. Because of this, an excellent insulation alternative has emerged – it’s referred to as the “hybrid” install.

The “hybrid” install, available from the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, provides great results, long lasting benefits, and cost-effectiveness. This installation basically incorporates Spray Foam Insulation and a supplementary insulation product for a dual install. The basement benefits greatly from both products – airflow and air leakage are practically eliminated; installed R-Values are heightened; and the overall project investment remains quite cost effective.

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