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Basement Insulation in Leamington

Basements have only become functional, livable spaces in recent times. Before, basements were used primarily for doing the laundry and for all kinds of storage. There was plenty of room for the water tank and the furnace, and additional space for a workshop or workspace. The basement foundation walls were brick - there was practically no insulation - and it was either cold or damp or both.

In Leamington, basement insulation has made it possible for the basement to be livable, comfortable, and family friendly. Indeed, many basements have become multi-purpose spaces – for some, it’s an additional bedroom; for others, a private office space; and for others, an in-law apartment that’s fully self-contained. Whatever the usage, the main thing is comfort – and comfort comes from insulation.

A comfortable basement is a direct result of space that has been effectively insulated. Basements with good insulation provide a comfortable environment for the occupants, while delivering energy efficiency throughout the year. Best of all, homeowners enjoy reduced utility bills as a direct result of the insulation. And where temperatures can be extreme from season to season, this is a great benefit. 

Hard to believe, but the typical homeowner doesn’t always understand the worth of good basement insulation. In fact, professional contractors argue that the basement should be as well insulated (or better) than any other part of a building or home. It turns out that basement insulation is one of the more rewarding home improvement projects, and an investment that is “paid down” very quickly.

Insulating the basement expertly, with a high quality product, has many benefits. Indoor and outdoor air flow/air leakage is averted; insulation R-Value is boosted; and unwanted moisture is prevented from accumulating. The result:  maximized energy efficiency throughout, and an HVAC system that’s working at peak performance. Overall, it translates into significant savings on seasonal utility bills.

Is the cost of basement insulation worthwhile?

Basement insulation is arguably one of the more worthwhile improvement projects for a typical residential homeowner. A good install will contribute to reduced heating and cooling costs, and the annual savings will easily pay down the overall project costs in a very reasonable period of time.

How can the benefits of insulation be measured?

Amongst the benefits of a good install, R-Value (thermal resistance) is measurably enhanced. And when R-Value is enhanced, the basement is much better insulated. The space becomes more energy efficient, although actual results will vary depending on the size and physical layout of the basement.

What kind of cost savings should be anticipated?

Insulation results are always contingent on the quality of product and quality of installation. And, of course, a quality approach will result in measurable savings during the year (heating and cooling). But once again, individual results will vary according to the physical layout of the basement space.

Is there a building code for basement insulation?

Building codes vary with the type of building and the type of construction. Here, an expert contractor will know (and strictly follow) the specifications relative to basement insulation. A good contractor will also recommend the best product option and best installation approach for the given space.

Is preparation work required prior to insulating?

In most every basement, it’s essential to check for water entry issues prior to doing insulation work. Water entry is not uncommon, but usually problematic - it requires an appropriate fix, and may well entail additional work. Water entry issues must be remediated prior to insulation work commencing.

How are those difficult-to-reach areas handled?

Practically every basement has difficult-to-reach spaces. These are difficult to access, and therefore difficult to properly insulate. For these spaces, spray foam insulation has proven to be ideal. Nothing will seal and insulate as effectively as spray foam – it seals up every hole, opening, crack and crevice.

In Leamington, it’s best to have an insulation professional handle a project like basement insulation. A good contractor can make wise product and installation recommendations that will meet project needs. And today, many experts have made spray foam insulation their “go-to” product.  With one application, spray foam delivers more benefits than a whole handful of other products. And amongst those benefits, the install provides a superior air and vapor barrier as well as the highest R-Value.

For the professionals, the ultimate in basement insulation involves insulating the basement floor. In this application, spray foam is installed into the floor, and covered with a regular coating of concrete. And while this approach to insulation delivers the ultimate results, it may not be suitable for every homeowner’s budget. Beyond the floor, it’s the basement walls that require attention.  The priority is to ensure airtightness throughout, so that airflow and moisture accumulation are totally restricted.

Whatever the size or layout of the basement, proper insulation is about energy conservation. And for the experts, spray foam has become the “product of choice”. It does a lot with one single application. With a professional install, the basement becomes airtight, along with an R-Value that is superior to any insulation product on the market today. It’s a multi-purpose approach to a basement insulation project with more short term and long-term benefits than any comparable insulation applications.

Throughout the industry, spray foam is considered a premium product, and may realistically not suit all project budgets. In Leamington, Great Northern Insulation recommends an alternative - it’s a “hybrid” approach that combines the spray foam product with fiberglass “batts” in a combination install. First, spray foam is applied into a given space, and then “topped-up” with those traditional fiberglass “batts”. It’s an application that is cost-effective, with excellent results, and great payback.

At the end of the day, regardless of the scope, basement insulation is worth doing professionally and properly the first time around. And for the experts at Great Northern Insulation, it’s an improvement project that delivers excellent homeowner benefits for many years to come. Clearly, the experts favor a complete spray foam approach, and it’s certainly highly recommended. But for many, the “hybrid” approach will provide excellent results and excellent value at the same time.

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