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Basement Insulation in LaSalle

Basements were originally used for not much more than laundry and storage. There was plenty of space for the water tank; the furnace equipment (HVAC); and for some, there was the oil tank. It was cold and damp and uncomfortable - the walls were made of brick – and there wasn’t any insulation (never mind any drywall). Today it’s different - basements are livable spaces.

In LaSalle, basement insulation allows a homeowner to create a living space in the basement that is both comfortable and functional. The basement has become a “family friendly” space, and quite often one that is multi-purpose. It could be an additional bedroom; a freestanding office; even an apartment suite that is completely self-contained. But key to every basement space is comfort.

Comfort in the basement is relative to the quality of insulation throughout. And depending on how well the basement is insulated, the comfort level will vary from one season to the next. In general, a well-insulated basement space reduces overall energy consumption, and usually results in lower utility bills every season. This is very noticeable when temperatures are extreme.

In LaSalle, basement insulation is not something that’s fully understood by most homeowners.  And while the basics are easier to understand, there’s not much appreciation for the amount of energy savings that derive from a basement that is well insulated. For professional contractors, it’s quite clear - the basement space should be properly insulated like any other part of the house.

The truth is, basement insulation in LaSalle, and in other parts of the province, is probably one of the best home improvement projects for any homeowner. Unlike some other, more cosmetic home improvements, basement insulation can bring year round savings. It’s an investment in the home that adds value, and can be easily “paid down” with the annual savings in utilities.

With a professional approach to basement insulation, many benefits are derived, especially with a high quality product. To start off, airflow from indoors to outdoors (and vice versa) is averted. In addition, a good insulation product will improve R-Values dramatically. And finally, unwanted moisture accumulation is prevented. In general, energy efficiency is enhanced in the home.

Dollars and cents, is it worthwhile to insulate the basement?

Without reservation, basement insulation is one of the better projects a homeowner can commit to. With an expert installation, an insulated basement can dramatically reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Best of all, annual savings will pay down the overall project cost quite quickly.

How noticeable will the benefits of basement insulation be?

Beyond improved R-Values, there are numerous benefits to insulating. Improved R-Values means enhanced insulation, improved seasonal comfort, and overall improvement on energy consumed. All of this will contribute to reducing seasonal utility bills, both summer and winter.

What are the cost savings after the basement is insulated?

Whatever the total savings on utilities, everything depends on the quality of insulation product and the quality of application. Naturally, a quality approach will deliver better results. It means that a better product and a superior installation will translate into better seasonal cost savings.

What are the building code specifications for insulating?

Building code specs usually depend on the type of building and the scope of work. Here, a good contractor can be very helpful in knowing the ins and outs of basement insulation.  A reputable contractor can also give the homeowner good advice about products and installation methods.

Is there any work needed before insulating the basement?

Unfortunately, many basements have water entry problems of some dimension. Water entry is a problem that must be resolved prior to any insulation work. And whatever the severity, it’s a problem that should be handled properly - from start to finish, without any compromise.

How do difficult-to-reach areas get sufficiently insulated?

Because of a basement’s layout, some areas can be difficult to reach and difficult to insulate. The difficult-to-reach areas are problematic for most insulation products, but not for spray foam. The spray foam product fills and seals every little nook and cranny throughout the basement.

For basement insulation in LaSalle, it’s wise to have the project handled by professionals. A good insulation contractor will make sound recommendations to the homeowner, and will offer the very best options for the project. Today, many professionals are recommending spray foam insulation for the basement – and it’s because of the numerous benefits offered in a single install.  One of the biggest benefits is the high R-Value – no other insulation product can compare.

For the professionals, properly insulating the basement would include the floor. Here, spray foam insulation is sprayed directly into an open floor, and then covered with concrete. This is the ultimate in insulation, and delivers superior results far beyond anything.  However, it’s a costly application, and may not be suitable for some project budgets. Apart from the floor, the basement walls are a top priority, especially in an effort to create an airtight space for the basement.

Whatever the project budget, the primary aim of basement insulation is to conserve energy. In fact, the basement is an ideal location for a spray foam application. It performs much better than other insulation products, and requires only one application. It creates an airtight space; it averts air movement and air leakage; and it provides very high R-Value. In short, spray foam insulation brings more short term/long-term benefits to a basement insulation project than anything else.

For basement insulation in LaSalle, spray foam insulation is considered a premium product. It therefore does not suit every homeowner’s budget. As such, Great Northern Insulation offers the homeowner a “hybrid” approach, combining two products in one application. It’s an application where spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation work together in a cost effective manner, with excellent results, a reasonable “payback” period, and a manageable project budget.

Most important with basement insulation is to opt for a professional approach – it’s a home improvement project that should be managed expertly from day one. And for the experts at Great Northern Insulation, there’s no other approach to project management.

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