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Basement Insulation in Lakeshore, Ontario

It’s only been in recent decades that basements have become livable and functional. Years ago, the basement was mainly for doing laundry and for general storage. There was lots of room for all of the furnace equipment, with extra space for the water tank. And for some, there was space allocated for a work are or tool bench. The brick walls had no insulation, and the space was cold, damp and musty.

In Lakeshore, basement insulation has allowed the modern basement to be livable, family oriented, and above all, comfortable. And today, many basements are truly multi-purpose. Some are designed to be extra bedrooms; others are set up as home-offices; and still others are self-contained apartment suites. Whatever the use, comfort is a priority - and comfort results from good insulation.

Comfort throughout the basement comes from effective insulation. And the basements that are well insulated provide both comfort and energy efficiency right through the year. For the homeowner, the best news is that utility bills are reduced. And in those regions of the country where temperatures can be extreme, the reduced cost of heating and cooling is of great benefit to a homeowner. 

Many homeowners don’t realize the full worth of a basement that is well insulated. But for insulation contractors, there is no debate - the basement should be as well insulated, or better insulated, than any other part of the residence. All things considered, basement insulation is definitely one of the better home improvement projects – it makes for an investment with an excellent payback period.

When a basement is professionally insulated (with a quality product) there are several benefits to be had. Undesirable indoor/outdoor airflow (and air leakage) is deterred; newly installed R-Values are increased; and undesirable moisture is deterred from collecting. The bottom line: energy efficiency; a better performing HVAC system; and significant cost savings for winter and summer utilities.

Is the cost of insulating the basement worth it?

Insulating a basement is possibly one of the best home projects, compared to the many others. An expert installation will undoubtedly result in lower costs for heating and cooling, while the overall seasonal savings will “payback” the initial project cost in a period of time that is quite reasonable.

Are the benefits of insulation easily measured?

Amongst the many benefits of basement insulation, R-Value (the insulating value) is easily measured and with noticeable results. With a good install, R-Values are enhanced and the basement space is better insulated – it’s more energy efficient and therefore uses less energy to heat and cool.

What are the cost savings with a good install?

With any insulation project, actual cost savings are contingent on the product used, the quality of the install, and the basement size and layout. Needless to say, a high quality approach delivers the best results – it means that heating and cooling costs throughout the year are demonstrably reduced.

Are there specific building code requirements?

Specific building codes will always vary with project type, building type and construction type. For the basement, a reputable contractor will follow building code requirements as prescribed. As well, the contractor will suggest a viable product and application based on the uniqueness of the space.

Is there any special preparation work needed?

In every basement, it’s absolutely critical to check for water entry. And regardless of severity, it must be addressed before insulation work commences. It’s not an uncommon problem, but it is a problem, and it requires proper remediation before any type of insulation work is initiated.

How do difficult-to-reach sections get insulated?

Virtually every basement will have some difficult-to-reach sections. These areas are obviously hard to insulate with conventional products, but with a spray foam product, it’s never a problem.  Spray foam will seal and insulate like no other product - every little crack and crevice will be well insulated.

In Lakeshore, Ontario, the best approach to basement insulation is to have a professional handling the project. A reliable contractor can offer astute recommendations on the product and the install, and for many of the experts, spray foam has become a favorite.  One single application of spray foam brings more benefits to the home than a host of other insulation products. Amongst the many benefits, spray foam serves as an excellent insulator, air barrier and vapor barrier all in one.

For professional installers, the ultimate basement insulation begins by insulating the floor. This is an application where the spray foam product is sprayed in the floor, followed by a coating of concrete. Needless to say, this application delivers maximum results, but may not be cost-suitable for every budget. Above and beyond the floor, the basement walls are the next priority. Here, its important to ensure airtightness in an effort to restrict airflow, air leakage, and unwanted moisture collection.

Whatever the scope of the project, basement insulation is about providing energy conservation. And for the professionals, spray foam insulation has quickly become a “product-of-choice”. A good install will do a lot, and with only one application. Spray foam makes the basement airtight, and provides an R-Value that is far superior to other products. And for the basement, it’s an application that offers more short term and long-term value than many other insulation products or applications.

There’s no doubt that spray foam is a premium insulation product. As such, it’s an installation that may not fit with every budget. In Lakeshore, Ontario, Great Northern Insulation offers an alternative - a “hybrid” installation that incorporates spray foam with fiberglass “batts”. With this approach, spray foam is sprayed first, followed by the installation of the “batts”. For the experts at GNI, this is a cost-effective approach to insulation, delivering excellent results, and an excellent payback period.

From every perspective, insulating the basement is worth doing properly. It means doing it right from the start, with a high quality product and a professional install. For Great Northern Insulation, it’s a home improvement project that will benefit the homeowner for years. And although the experts favor the spray foam product, the so-called “hybrid” approach can easily be the best alternative.

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