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Basement Insulation in Haldimand County

Residential basements were not always comfortable living spaces - they were simply designated for laundry and storage. There was also space for the furnace equipment, for the water tank, and for a small workspace. Basements were mostly dark and damp, and they usually smelled musty. Basement walls were cement brick; there was no drywall; and very rarely any insulation. Today, basements are much different – they are finished to provide usable, livable, comfortable space.

Homeowners who are considering basement insulation in Haldimand County will most likely be interested in making their basement functional and comfortable. The practical elements will probably remain intact – laundry – storage - and furnace equipment. But the main aim will be to create a family-friendly indoor environment. And this is why it’s so important to insulate the basement properly from day one. A well-insulated basement will certainly be a comfortable living space - whether it’s a home-office, an additional bedroom, or even a fully equipped in-law suite.

Most of the time, a well-insulated basement comes from a quality approach to the job. And that means installing quality products, professionally. Clearly, home comfort is going to be the priority for the average homeowner, but a well-insulated basement is going to deliver far more. Most importantly, the home’s energy efficiency is going to be enhanced. Beyond that, the heating and cooling cycles will be better balanced. And finally, energy usage will be dramatically reduced.

Typically, homeowners doing basement insulation are focused on making the space warm for the winter and cool for the summer. But with a well-insulated basement, much more is achievable.  This is why a professional insulation contractor can be valuable. Professionals know exactly which product and installation will benefit the project most. And although a do-it-yourself (DIY) project could be tempting here, there’s no doubt that the professionals will deliver better results.

Homeowners considering basement insulation in Haldimand County would be wise to consider a quality approach for the project. Basement insulation is unique compared to other home projects. Indeed, most home improvements end up being quite cosmetic (washroom/kitchen renovations). But with quality basement insulation, there are actually dollar savings to be realized. The truth is, a properly insulated basement can considerably reduce utility bills throughout the entire year.

Without doubt, an expert approach to basement insulation will exceed the results of a DIY effort. Especially in the basement, insulation is worth installing properly from day one.  And the benefits will be measurable: the finished R-Values will be significantly increased; air leakage (and airflow) will be virtually eliminated; and unwelcome moisture will be prevented from collecting. Best of all, the energy efficiency of the home will be improved, resulting in annual savings on utilities.

A well-insulated basement will improve overall energy efficiencies.

Like any home improvement project, insulation will do far better with a quality approach. Quality will result in better outcomes:  much improved energy efficiencies; a marked reduction in energy usage; balanced heating/cooling cycles; and lower utility bills.

Professionally insulating the basement is a cost-worthy endeavor.

Professionally insulating the basement is a cost-worthy endeavor, especially given the savings on seasonal utilities. And while every home and basement is different, the utility savings can easily contribute to paying off much of the original project investment.

Annual savings on utilities will depend on the scope of work done.

Several factors can affect annual utility savings when basement insulation has been installed. First - the scope of work. Second - the quality of insulation. Third - the quality of the installation. Everything considered, substantial savings can be expected.

It’s essential to properly prepare the basement before insulating.

A basement should be inspected for water entry problems before any insulation work is done. If there are repairs required, a professional should be handling the remediation. Whatever the case, restoration work should be expedited before any insulating.

Installing basement insulation requires following building codes.

Building codes will differ with every basement insulation project. Here, a good contractor can add value to the project - assessing the basement and scope of work; advising on building codes that would apply; and doing the installation according to code.

Always a problem:  insulating “awkward” spaces in the basement.

Most every basement has some “awkward” spaces. These are always hard to insulate with the more conventional products. But using Spray Foam Insulation can accomplish the task - SPUF will effectively seal and insulate all of the “awkward” spaces.

There’s little doubt that basement insulation requires expertise. The expert installer has product knowledge and installation experience. And that makes for viable project recommendations. In fact today, many expert installers are recommending Spray Foam Insulation for the basement. A single application of SPUF does more than any comparable product - and that’s why the SPUF install is considered to be the best in the industry. Nothing quite compares.

With basement insulation, a good many homeowners are deciding to insulate the floor as well as the walls. This is where the Spray Foam Insulation is installed into the open basement floor, and then covered over with concrete. However, this approach is not suitable for every budget, and therefore, the basement walls remain as the priority. Here again, it’s the expert installer who can suggest a product and installation that will perform most effectively.

Whatever the project approach, the aim of basement insulation is to enhance energy efficiency. For this, professionals are routinely installing SPUF in basements - it’s simply a better installation. SPUF effectively seals and blocks air leakage; it prevents moisture from collecting; and best of all, installed R-Values are dramatically heightened. But SPUF is a premium product and doesn’t fit all budgets. Hence, Great Northern Insulation offers the “hybrid” option.

The “hybrid” installation from Great Northern Insulation is simply a combination of Spray Foam Insulation and a second insulation product. It’s a “dual application” with excellent project results. The benefits are long term and the project investment is cost-effectiveness. In short, the “hybrid” install delivers great benefits from each of the two insulation products, while ensuring that the total project investment remains cost effective throughout.

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