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Basement Insulation in Essex

For those who remember, basements were for the laundry machines, for storing stuff, and for all the furnace equipment.  There was also some space for the hot water heater, and for many, there was even an oil tank. The typical basement was dark and cold and damp and musty. The walls were typically made of cement brick; there wasn’t any insulation to speak of; and in most cases, there wasn’t any drywall either. Today, it’s all changed…and basements are now living spaces.

In Essex, basement insulation makes basement living a reality for many homeowners. Basement insulation allows for a space to be comfortable, usable, and family-friendly. And many basement spaces have truly become multi-purpose: some as fully equipped entertainment rooms; some as an extra bedroom; some as free-standing offices; and some as self contained suites.

Basement comfort is derived primarily from insulation that has been well installed throughout the space. Needless to say, the quality of the insulation will have an impact on the level of comfort from season to season. More importantly, a well-insulated basement will significantly improve energy consumption, and will reduce seasonal heating and cooling bills all through the year.

The truth is, for most homeowners in Essex, basement insulation is about keeping the home nice and warm. But there’s much more, especially with respect to the potential energy savings. The professionals, on the other hand, understand all the benefits of proper basement insulation, and know from personal experience that basements require good insulation like the rest of the home.

For homeowners shopping for basement insulation in Essex, this is truly one of the better home improvement projects. Unlike the home improvements that are more cosmetic in their approach, insulating the basement will actually deliver cost savings. This is a home improvement project that is “paid down” over the years as a direct result of the annual savings on costly utilities.

When basement insulation is managed professionally, there are a number of positive benefits for the home. This is especially true when a high quality insulation product is installed. Quality insulation improves R-Values dramatically; it prevents unwanted airflow; and it averts unwanted moisture accumulation. Best of all, energy efficiency throughout the home is enhanced.

Is insulating the basement worthwhile from a value perspective?

Without doubt, basement insulation is a home improvement project that delivers value. When a quality insulation product is installed professionally, the insulated basement will very effectively reduce heating and cooling costs. Annual savings will “pay off” the original project expense.

Is it possible to measure the benefits of insulating the basement?

Properly installed, basement insulation will enhance the R-Value of the space, which will result in better energy consumption for the whole home. Enhanced energy efficiency will result in reduced heating bills in the winter, and reduced cooling bills in the summer. Both will be noticeable.

Is it possible to measure savings after a basement insulation job?

Clearly, the savings from a basement insulation job will depend on the extent of the space, on the insulation product, and on the quality of workmanship. And needless to say, quality products and quality installations make for superior results. In short, better results make for better savings.

Do building codes have specifications for basement insulation?

Building code specifications will depend on the scope of the job and on the building type. Reliable insulation professionals are valuable when advising homeowners on the ins and outs of required building codes.  And good contractors don’t compromise the building code by taking shortcuts.

Is there any specific work required prior to the insulation work?

Unfortunately, many basements (even new construction) do experience water entry problems. In every case, these need to be remediated before an insulation work takes place. Additionally, this work should be expedited professionally –repair and reconstruction must be faultless.

How do the awkward and unusual spaces get properly insulated?

Most every basement will have awkward spaces that are hard to reach. As a result, they are quite difficult to properly insulate. However, with spray foam insulation, it’s never a problem - spray foam insulation seals and insulates everything, including all of those “unreachable” spaces.

For homeowners who are considering basement insulation in Essex, deciding on a professional approach would be wise. Professional contractors will recommend the best product and install for the project. And today, many contractors are suggesting Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) for basements. With one comprehensive application, this product delivers more benefits than any of the other insulation products on the market. It is simply the best insulation product available.

From a professional perspective, insulating the basement floor is really part of a complete job. It means spraying foam into the open basement floor, and then covering over with concrete. This is the ultimate approach to basement insulation, going far beyond any other installation. But it’s also quite costly and may not suit a homeowner’s budgets. Beyond the floor, the next priority is the basement walls – they are essential to a basement that is well sealed and well insulated.

Basement insulation is all about creating energy efficiency. And in the majority of basements, Spray Polyurethane Foam is the ideal application. SPF performs better than other products, and requires only one application to provide all the benefits. SPF creates a perfectly airtight space. It installs the highest possible R-Values. And the final application does not allow for any air leakage or accumulation of moisture. The benefits far exceed other single products or combinations.

For basement insulation in Essex, Spray Polyurethane Foam could be the right answer. However, as a premium product, it may not be suitable for every budget. As such, Great Northern Insulation can provide a “hybrid” application – this is a combined install that incorporates spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation in one. The products work very well together, with excellent outcomes, and with a cost effective project budget. As well, the “payback” period is reasonable.

With basement insulation, a professional approach is highly recommended. It’s a project that should be professionally managed from the start. For the team at Great Northern Insulation, the professional approach is really the only viable approach – and the best way to ensure results.

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