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Basement Insulation in Chatham Kent

For years, basements were mostly used for laundry (the washer and dryer), for the hot water heater, and for all of the furnace equipment. There was plenty of space for extra storage, but the space was not really livable - it was cold, damp and smelled musty. In most basements, walls were made of cement block; insulation was non-existent; and there was no real need for drywall. Today, most basements are functional and livable. It’s a comfortable, family friendly space. In Chatham Kent, basement insulation is often the first step when a homeowner is finishing the basement and planning for additional living space.

Planning for more living space in the basement takes on different dimensions for every homeowner. In some cases, an extra washroom is important. In other cases, an extra bedroom or office space is the priority. For some homeowners, a self-contained apartment is the ideal. But in every situation, the common objective is to create comfort, and comfort is usually a result of good insulation. When a basement is properly insulated, it keeps nice and warm in winter, and keeps nice and cool in summer. And for homeowners in Chatham Kent, basement insulation is very often the most effective way to conserve energy.

As much as most homeowners understand the basics of insulation, there’s still plenty of misunderstanding about the benefits.  And when it comes to the basement, not many homeowners understand the importance of properly insulating that part of the house. In fact, many professionals would argue that the basement is more important to insulate than other areas of the house. The bottom line is clear for every homeowner: a properly insulated basement will provide more benefits (and cost savings) than most other renovations. Certainly this is true when comparing benefits of a bathroom or kitchen renovation.

By any measurement, good basement insulation is worth the investment. And with a quality approach to product and installation, the whole house can benefit from good insulation. Unwanted air movement and air leakage is prevented; undesirable moisture accumulation is averted; and the installed R-Value (a measure of thermal resistance) is significantly augmented. Very importantly, the HVAC unit (which includes heating and cooling) performs with a greater level of efficiency.  In general, all things considered, a good insulation job will assure energy conservation (and notable utility savings) throughout the year.

Does insulating the basement make for a good investment?

When compared with other home renovation projects, basement insulation is one with a much better payoff. A quality product, expertly installed, will assuredly reduce seasonal heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Just this benefit on it’s own makes for a good investment.

When it comes to R-Values, what do professionals suggest?

Professionals in the insulation industry agree that installing a higher R-Value will result in a better overall outcome. Clearly, this applies to basement insulation – with high R-Value, and superior thermal resistance, the results are better. But it all depends on basement size/layout.

What are the savings when the insulation work is complete?

When a basement space has been well insulated (with something like spray foam) the savings on utility bills are measurable. During temperature extremes, energy savings are even more noticeable. However, specific cost savings will still depend on the basement size and the layout.

Does the building code affect a basement insulation project?

Throughout the country, building codes will differ with project type and building type. New construction, for instance, will differ compared to a renovation or retrofit project. But with a good contractor, the homeowner can be sure that all building code pre-requisites will be followed.

Is prep work required before doing the basement insulation?

The issue to be most watchful about in basements is water entry. This type of problem has to be remediated before any insulation is installed, and regardless of severity, water entry should be handled professionally. In unfortunate cases, remediation might turn into a major project.

How can the “difficult-to-reach” areas be insulated properly?

Practically every basement will suffer from those spaces that are “difficult-to-reach”. These are also very hard to insulate. And while most insulation products don’t suffice, spray foam can easily seal and insulate those spaces with one application. Nothing can quite compare.

For basement insulation in Chatham Kent, it’s best to deal with a reputable contractor. Both product and installation can get complex, and professionals like Great Northern Insulation can advise a homeowner on the best product option and install for their particular job. For the team at GNI, spray foam insulation is the product-of-choice for many different scenarios. And spray foam has proven itself as an ideal installation for basements - it’s an excellent air/vapor barrier, and it brings the very best R-Value when compared to others.

For professionals in the business, the very best option in the basement is to insulate the floor. Here, spray foam is installed throughout and covered with a coating of concrete. It’s an application that ensures total sealing and insulating in one shot. For basement walls, the ultimate aim is to create airtightness. For this, spray foam is also an ideal application – it creates airtightness; it stops unwanted air movement (and air leakage); and it prevents the accumulation of moisture throughout. Best of all, its done with one application.

No question - a basement that is properly insulated will definitely conserve energy. For homeowners, it means reducing utility bills every season around the year. The best approach, of course, is spray foam. It has established itself as an application with more benefits than other products. And one of those benefits is that spray foam does it all with one install.  A good install creates an airtight barrier to prevent the movement of air and the accumulation of moisture, while insulating the space with the highest R-Value on the market.

Spray foam is considered a premium insulation product, and will not suit every budget. Alternatively, Great Northern Insulation offers a “hybrid” installation. This is a combination installation that integrates spray foam with conventional fiberglass “batts”. Expertly installed, the “hybrid” option has impressive results. Above all, it’s cost-effective and suitable for most budgets. But most importantly, the short term and long term results with the “hybrid” option make for an excellent and worthwhile project investment.

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