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Basement Insulation in Brant

For the most part, today’s residential basements are very comfortable living spaces. It’s still a space for doing laundry, for storage, and for the heating and air conditioning system, but it’s also a family-friendly environment. Modern basements are designed and finished to provide living space that is practical and comfortable. And for homeowners thinking about installing basement insulation in Brant, it’s really the first step in creating that basement comfort.

Certainly there are practical considerations for the basement – laundry space, storage space, and furnace space. But the main objective when insulating the basement is to create comfort. This is why basement insulation should be done the proper way from the beginning. Having a well-insulated basement means having comfort during winter and summer in whatever space has been created - a bedroom, a home office set-up, even a self-contained suite.

Nothing beats a quality approach when insulating the basement. It means installing high-quality products, and doing it all professionally. And while indoor comfort is certainly a priority for a homeowner, the well-insulated basement has many more benefits when completed. Importantly, quality insulation will improve home energy efficiency. As a direct result, energy consumption (gas and/or electric) is considerably reduced from one season to the next.

For the average homeowner installing basement insulation in Brant, the main focus is keeping things warm in winter and cool in summer. But a lot more can be accomplished when its all done properly, especially with a professional contractor on the job. A professional knows which install will deliver best results, and which product will perform. And while a DIY effort may be inviting for some, nothing comes close to a professional approach for best results.

Like other home improvements, going with a quality approach to basement insulation is wise. A basement insulation project is quite different than most home improvements. A washroom or kitchen renovation, for instance, is mostly aesthetic. But basement insulation can actually ensure dollar savings from season to season. In fact, a quality-insulated basement has the potential to reduce electric and gas bills and even offset the original installation costs.

Its true that a DIY approach can be less costly than a professional approach, but with basement insulation, expert results will exceed DIY results. This is particularly true in the basement, where the benefits are noticeable:  installed R-Values are substantially heightened; air leakage and airflow are effectively blocked; and moisture is practically eliminated. Best of all for the home, improved energy efficiencies contribute to reduced energy consumption.

When the basement space is well insulated, energy efficiency is enhanced.

Basement insulation, especially with a quality approach, enhances energy efficiency. The results are evident:  energy usage is reduced from season to season; HVAC heating and cooling cycles are better balanced; and utility bills (electric and gas) are consistently lower.

A professionally insulated basement can still be a cost-worthy investment.

Bottom line, a professionally insulated basement can be quite cost-worthy. It’s particularly true given the considerable seasonal savings that mount up. And with a high quality job, a homeowner can easily offset project costs with the yearly savings on gas and electric.

The extent of utility savings will be subject to the scope of insulation work.

In any home, several factors will affect the energy savings after the basement insulation has been installed. First - the amount of insulation work performed. Second - the quality of product that’s installed. Third - the quality of the installation work that’s performed.

Old basement or new - preparing the space is important before insulating.

A basement should be inspected for water entry troubles before insulation work starts. Where repairs are required, an experienced contractor should be hired. But whatever the situation, the repairs and restoration must be performed before any insulation work.

Insulating the basement properly means compliance with building codes.

Building codes are different for every renovation or retrofit. This is where an expert contractor can be of great benefit on a project:  assessing the installation space and the scope of work; then advising on which codes apply; and finally, installation according to code.

Most basements still have “awkward” spaces that are difficult to insulate.

Old basement or new, there are often “awkward” spaces that require insulation. They are difficult to effectively insulate using regular insulation products. But when using Spray Foam Insulation, these spaces can be very effectively sealed and insulated, and quite easily.

Simply put, a basement insulation project requires expertise. This is because expert installers have in-depth product and installation knowledge – they can make feasible project proposals that make sense. And for the basement, many experts are already suggesting Spray Foam Insulation as the ideal. As it is, a single SPUF application does more than anything else on the market. It is considered the best insulation product, with the most effective outcomes.

With some basement insulation projects, homeowners are opting to insulate their floors. Here, the SPUF product is sprayed evenly into the open floor, and covered over with concrete. However, it’s not a project for all budgets, and the basement walls should remain a high priority. For this, its also advisable to have an expert on hand, so that product and installation can be matched with the precise needs of the project – in short, installing the best products.

Regardless of installation approach, basement insulation should be about enhancing the home’s energy efficiency. As it stands, expert installers are routinely using Spray Foam Insulation. It’s an installation that blocks air leakage; prevents basement moisture; and augments R-Value to a high rating level. But again, SPUF is a premium product, and not for all budgets. And that’s why the “hybrid” option from Great Northern Insulation might be attractive.

The “hybrid” option from GNI is an installation that combines Spray Foam Insulation with an accompanying insulation product. It’s an excellent approach for the basement, providing superb results that are long lasting and cost-effective at the same time. The “hybrid” option offers the homeowner excellent benefits from both installed products, while ensuring a project investment that remains cost effective from beginning to end.

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