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Basement Insulation in Amherstburg

In years past, a typical basement was used primarily for laundry and extra storage. It was a space designated for the furnace (HVAC equipment); for the water heater; and for the oil tank. For the most part, basements were musty, cold and damp. The foundation walls were brick, there was no insulation, and no finished drywall. Today everything is different. Basements are for living.

For homeowners in Amherstburg, basement insulation makes it possible to create a basement living space that is both comfortable and functional. Basements have become “family friendly”. They have become multi-purpose living spaces: with entertainment rooms; extra bedrooms; home-offices; even apartment suites. And the key to every space, of course, is comfort.

Comfort in the basement is a function of the insulation installed throughout. And depending on the quality of the basement insulation, comfort will vary widely from one season to the next. As it is, a basement that is well insulated will serve to decrease energy consumption, and will lower utility bills throughout the calendar year. This is particularly true when temperature is extreme.

In Amherstburg, basement insulation is only partially understood by the average homeowner.  The basics are easy to understand, but there is not enough emphasis given to the energy savings associated with a basement that is well insulated. On the other hand, professionals do understand - they know from experience that basements require good insulation like the rest of the house.

For homeowners considering basement insulation in Amherstburg, this is a home improvement project that is better than many. Unlike other home improvements that are cosmetic in nature, basement insulation delivers cost savings. And beyond the added value to the home, it’s a project that is quickly “paid down” because of the substantial utility savings every season.

When a professional approach is employed, basement insulation can deliver many benefits, and especially when high quality insulation products are installed. Good insulation stops airflow from moving in and out of the home. It also dramatically improves R-Values. And finally, it prevents undesirable moisture from accumulating. Overall, energy efficiencies are enhanced throughout.

From a value perspective, is insulating the basement worthwhile?

Without hesitation, basement insulation is an excellent home improvement project to undertake. With a quality product installed professionally, an insulated basement can significantly reduce heating/cooling costs. More importantly, the savings will pay for the initial project cost.

Are the overall benefits of basement insulation actually measurable?

Beyond improved indoor comfort, basement insulation enhances R-Value, which in turn makes for improved energy usage throughout the entire home. All in all, the improvement on energy efficiency will result in lower utility bills, including summer cooling and winter heating.

What are the potential savings when a basement is properly insulated?

The total savings on seasonal utilities will depend directly on the insulation product used, and on the quality of the job. Clearly, a quality product and quality install delivers superior results. It all translates into more substantial cost savings during the heating season and the cooling season.

Are there specific building code requirements for basement insulation?

Building code requirements depend on the project, the building, and the extent of work. A good insulation professional can be very valuable in advising a homeowner all about insulation.  Good contractors give homeowners good advice, and make reasonable, viable recommendations.

Is there any preliminary work to do before insulating the basement?

A good many basements (including new builds) suffer from various water entry issues. Water entry issues need be properly remediated before insulation work begins. And it’s something that should be handled professionally, without cutting any corners on repair or reconstruction.

How do the unusual, awkward spaces in the basement get insulated?

Basement layouts always have areas that are unusual and awkward. These spaces are difficult to insulate for most conventional insulation products, but are not a problem for spray foam. Spray foam can fill and seal openings, holes, gaps and cracks that are unreachable by other products.

For homeowners considering basement insulation in Amherstburg, it would be wise to go with a professional approach. A professional contractor will recommend sound options, and will suggest the best product and installation to suit the project need. Today, more and more professionals are advocating for spray foam insulation in the basement. It’s because one application has many benefits.  One of the most important benefits is superior R-Value –other products can’t compare.

For the professional contractor, insulating the basement floor is integral to a complete job. This application sprays foam insulation into an open basement floor, and then finishes with a concrete coating. It’s the definitive insulation, with results that are far beyond any other application.  But it’s costly and may not suit some budgets. Other than the floor, basement walls are essential to a well-insulated basement - especially when trying to create an effective airtight space.

Whatever the project budget, the primary concern with basement insulation is to ensure energy efficiency. And in the basement, a spray foam application is the ideal solution. Spray foam will perform better than other insulation products on the market, and requires only one application to do it all. Spray foam makes for an airtight environment – very high R-Value levels – and a space that doesn’t allow for air movement or leakage. There are far more benefits than other products.

For basement insulation in Amherstburg, spray foam may be the answer. However, it’s known as a premium brand product, and may not suit all budgets. In response, Great Northern Insulation offers homeowners a “hybrid” installation – an excellent combination of two products in a single application:  spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation. The products work well together, with excellent results, a practical “payback” period, and a reasonable project budget.

With basement insulation, homeowners should opt for a professional approach. This is one of those home improvement projects that should be managed expertly from day one. And for the specialists at Great Northern Insulation, the professional approach is the only approach – it’s the best way to deliver results.

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