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Attic Insulation in Welland

For homeowners who want to install attic insulation in Welland, it’s wise to have at least a basic understanding of insulation. There’s really no need to get very technical, but the basics would be valuable. And for the most part, the basics apply equally to brand new construction, retrofitting, or any type of re-installation. Probably the most important is choosing insulation that is right for the job. As well, it’s important to choose a reputable contractor experienced with insulation. For the average homeowner, understanding the basics allows for better decision-making as the job moves forward. Finally, informed consumers have far better working relations with contractors.

For a project like attic insulation, working with a professional contractor is highly recommended. The project results are far better, and the job gets done properly from the start. By any measure, attic insulation is specialized work, and here, a good contractor can identify the product and installation that would be best for the job. For the average homeowner, picking product could be a challenge - particularly with all the advertising and marketing hype. But with a good contractor, project decisions are made much easier. Perhaps the most important aspect of a good contractor is being fully available during the entire duration of the project - it’s a real sign of commitment.

Reputable insulation contractors are very responsive to homeowner needs. The requisites of the project are suitably addressed; a workable project plan is offered (within a given budget); and customer service is highlighted as a priority. As for the project itself, attic insulation depends on a quality approach for good results.  It’s especially true in the attic because product performance is critical to good outcomes. For the experts at Great Northern Insulation, it’s about doing the job right. And that means installing only quality products; providing a high standard of installation; and delivering customer satisfaction, regardless of the size or scope of the actual project.

A professional approach to attic insulation has definite benefits. First of all, the worksite will be assessed thoroughly. Secondly, the project plan will be comprehensive. And finally, the products and installation will be guaranteed in some way. More than that, a good contractor will address problems even after the project has been completed. But with any project, results are important, and for homeowners installing attic insulation in Welland, the results are measurable - overall comfort throughout the home will be enhanced; monthly energy bills for winter heating and summer air conditioning will be dramatically reduced; and annual savings will be noticeable.

In large and expansive areas like the attic, professional installers insist on making an airtight space. The idea is to completely seal the attic, allowing the installed insulation to perform at its peak. And proper sealing means closing up every opening, hole and gap in the attic. The principle behind airtightness is to stop undesirable airflow and improve the energy efficiency of the home. With a professional install, the attic gets sealed and insulated at one time - it’s a “system” that is inter-reliant. Energy consumption is better balanced; heating/air conditioning systems operate more efficiently; and indoor home comfort is enhanced from season to season.

When it comes to choosing a specific attic insulation product, many professionals are installing Spray Polyurethane Foam. It has become the product-of-choice for attics and roofs, as well as other parts of the home. The important thing about SPF is that it prevents airflow in the attic and further prevents moisture from collecting. When installed, the SPF is sprayed through the attic, expanding and hardening into a thick “blanket” that completely envelops the space. Everything is totally covered - the support beams; the wiring and plumbing; and all of the exposed ductwork.  Importantly, the space is impervious to air and moisture, and insulated with very high R-Values.

Another option for the attic space is “blown” insulation. This product is available in cellulose or fiberglass, and has become an affordable option compared to other products. With a professional installation, the “blown” insulation settles into the attic, creating a “thermal blanket” of insulation with very good R-Value.  Both the cellulose and fiberglass products are “fluffy” when blown into the attic, and are fabricated to inhibit and restrict airflow. “Blown” insulation has become quite popular for the attic – it easily accommodates the unique space; it’s fabricated to be fire resistant: it provides satisfactory thermal values; and the finished install resists mold, insects, and rodents.

Today, one of the best installations for the attic is the “hybrid” installation. It’s offered by Great Northern Insulation, and has become a very cost effective option for the attic, with great results. The principle here is to incorporate the Spray Polyurethane Foam with the “blown” insulation in a combination application. First, SPF is applied and allowed to set. Then, either “blown” cellulose or “blown” fiberglass is installed. Together, these products compliment each other, and ensure long-term product performance. The “hybrid” installation has numerous benefits: R-Values are considerable; the project investment is cost-effective; and annual energy savings are substantial.

  • the “hybrid” installation ensures that the attic and roof are completely airtight
  • the SPF application creates a very effective combination air / moisture barrier
  • the two “hybrid” products ensure R-Values that are higher than other products
  • when professionally installed, the SPF application enhances structural strength
  • with the “hybrid” approach, the overall project investment is very cost-effective

Everything considered, Spray Polyurethane Foam has definitely become a favorite of professional installers. It’s the best product on the market, and delivers the best results in the attic and other parts of the home. At the same time, SPF is a premium product that may not always be suited for every budget. That’s where the “hybrid” option from Great Northern Insulation comes into play. It’s ideal in the attic - the results are excellent - and the project is cost-effective. And for the homeowner, the benefits are clear: the SPF product effectively seals and insulates; the “blown” insulation enhances R-Values; and the combination installation delivers years of dollar savings.

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