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Attic Insulation in St. Catharines

For homeowners thinking about installing attic insulation in St Catharines, there are a few things worth considering.  The fundamentals are the same, whether it’s a totally new install, or some form of re-insulation. What’s most important, however, is to choose an insulation product that meets the needs of the project.  Also important is to choose an insulation contractor who is reputable and reliable.  Finally, it’s important for a homeowner to understand the basics of the project. It’s not necessary to get overly technical, but being informed and knowledgeable can make a big difference when making decisions and working constructively with the contractor.

Choosing a good contractor will make a big difference on a project, and choosing an established, respected contractor is going to be critical for project success. Good contractors answer relevant questions and are willing to discuss project options. They will make viable recommendations on the right product and installation for the job. And here, choosing the right product for the job can be challenging.  Every manufacturer seems to have the “best” product, and with all the marketing and promotion, things can often be more confusing than informative. With a good contractor on hand, these kinds of decisions can be made collaboratively, and specific to the job. 

For a project like attic insulation, a reliable contractor will work with a homeowner for the full duration of the project.  The contractor will address the pre-requisites of the job, and will make product and installation recommendations that suit those pre-requisites.  Clearly, installing high quality products, along with high quality workmanship, makes for better outcomes.  Needless to say, a focus on quality will ensure peak product performance and better project outcomes. At Great Northern Insulation, the focus is threefold: providing top-quality products; installing at a high standard; and ensuring complete customer satisfaction on both product and installation.

Any attic insulation project, regardless of size, should be comprehensive. It should start with an in-depth attic assessment, and follow with a report and project proposal. A good proposal would include some physical pre-requisites; some project aims; and a clear reference to the budget. It would also be important to know about manufacturer warranties and installation guarantees.  In fact, good contractors are always ready to address issues or problems after the installation. This is a sign of commitment to customer satisfaction.  All of the above should be considered when shopping for attic insulation in St. Catharines – it’s a good way to ensure a job done right.

In a space like the attic, the professionals insist on proper sealing, regardless of which insulation product is decided on. Professionals rely on an airtight attic for insulation to perform. It means sealing every hole and gap, every crack and crevice.  Essentially, airtightness in the attic prevents airflow, and allows for better energy efficiency in the cold of winter and heat of summer.  Sealing and insulation together comprise a complete “system” - a “system” that provides indoor comfort and energy savings for the homeowner. An attic space that is properly sealed, well ventilated, and thermally insulated is going to provide the best performance, both short term and long term.

With so many insulation products on the market, it’s somewhat challenging for a homeowner to make purchasing decisions. For professionals, however, Spray Polyurethane Foam has become a “product-of-choice” in more recent years. It’s an ideal application for the attic, especially with respect to controlling air and moisture. The product is “sprayed” into the attic space, where it spreads, expands and hardens into a dense “blanket”. And with a good installation, the attic is completely blanketed:  the beams; the plumbing; the wiring; and all of the ductwork.  The space becomes impervious to air and moisture, and delivers better R-Value than anything comparable.

Another option for an attic insulation project is “blown” insulation.  Typically, this product is made from fiberglass or cellulose, and is considered to be the most affordable for any budget.  When properly installed, the “blown” insulation settles down throughout the attic space, forming a thermal blanket that will provide the insulating R-Value.  Both “blown” products (the fiberglass and the cellulose) are “fluffy” in composition, and are specifically designed to restrict airflow in and around the attic. This application is well suited for the attic:  it offers satisfactory insulation; it’s mold and mildew resistant; it’s fire resistant; and it’s not friendly to insects and/or rodents.

Probably the best approach for attic insulation is the so-called “hybrid” installation.  For the team at Great Northern Insulation, this is an installation that delivers the best overall outcomes, along with a cost effective project budget. The idea is to combine two products into one install:  namely the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) combined with the “blown” insulation (the cellulose or the fiberglass). Professionally installed, the products work very well together, and provide a range of benefits. Regardless of attic size, the “hybrid” installation assures the homeowner of maximum performance - insulation values are excellent, and the entire project remains very cost effective.

  • the “hybrid” installation will create an attic space that is completely airtight from end to end
  • because of the SPF, the finished space will have R-Values that are higher than other products
  • a professional installation will create a combination air barrier and vapor barrier at one time
  • the SPF component will add structural strength to areas of the attic and roof where installed
  • in the attic (and roof cavity) the “hybrid” approach will add cost-effectiveness to the project

All things considered, the SPF product is considered to be the best approach for attics and roofs. In fact, professional installers are using SPF throughout the entire home. It’s a premium product, with superb benefits, but may not suit every homeowner’s budgetary requirements. This is why the “hybrid” installation has gained such popularity - it’s an insulation solution that provides the best of all worlds – excellent insulating properties and a cost-effective budget. The SPF provides the superb sealing and insulating to the attic, while the “blown” insulation supplements R-Values while adding the cost-effective element. For many homeowners, this could be the best option.

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