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Attic Insulation in Niagara Falls

For the average homeowner thinking about installing attic insulation in Niagara Falls, it’s a good idea to have a grasp of the basics, without the need to get too technical. Indeed, the basics are similar whether it’s for new construction, a retrofit, or a re-install. But of most importance is to choose insulation that meets the actual needs of the job. It’s also quite important to choose an insulation contractor that’s established, reputable, and reliable. As for the homeowner, being knowledgeable will make for better decision-making as the attic project progresses. The truth is, an informed homeowner will have more productive working relations with a contractor.

With attic insulation, it pays to work with a good contractor. The project results will be better, and the job will be done right the first time. As it is, attic insulation is quite specialized, and here, a good contractor can recommend viable product options and installations. Actually, choosing the right insulation product can be challenging for a homeowner, especially with all the advertising and marketing going on. With a good contractor on hand, better purchasing decisions are made, and in full collaboration with the customer. As for the project as a whole, it’s imperative for the contractor to work alongside the homeowner from the beginning of the project to the end. 

Good contractors are responsive to homeowner needs:  they address job requirements; they offer a viable action plan; and they consider customer satisfaction a priority. Like any home project, attic insulation relies on a quality product and quality installation for best results.  And this is especially true in a space like the attic, because long-term insulation performance is so vital. For Great Northern Insulation, the quality approach is straightforward:  supplying the best quality insulation products; installations at the highest standard of work; and a focus on full customer satisfaction.  For Great Northern Insulation, it’s all about doing the job right the first time.

An attic insulation project has to be comprehensive from the start. The space has to be properly assessed. The project proposal has to be in depth. And there should be some type of product and installation guarantee. In fact, good contractors will even attend to issues and problems after the initial installation. The aim for homeowners installing attic insulation in Niagara Falls should be about generating results. And the truth is, attic insulation is a project that can show results – its not just cosmetic. Beyond home comfort, the finished install will bring significant energy savings on winter heating and summer cooling bills – savings that will endure for years to come.

In a unique space like the attic, most insulation contractors will stress the necessity for sealing up the space. Sealing a space tight allows insulation (whatever the product type) to perform at its peak. Proper sealing means totally sealing all of the openings, gaps, and holes in the attic space.  And in the attic, airtightness will prevent undesirable airflow, while contributing to improved energy efficiency throughout the home. With a finished install, the attic is a sealed and insulated  “system” – one that provides indoor comfort from season to season, as well as balanced energy consumption. For the homeowner, it means energy savings month after month, year after year.

Choosing attic insulation is made much easier when a professional contractor is on hand. Today, many contractors are installing Spray Polyurethane Foam in a wide array of applications. And for many, SPF has become a product-of-choice for the attic. SPF will prevent airflow in the attic, and will stop unwanted moisture from accumulating. The SPF product is sprayed through the attic, expanding into place, and creating a super-dense insulation “blanket”. With a finished install, the attic is covered from top to bottom: wooden beams; plumbing and wiring; even the HVAC ducts.  The space becomes impermeable to air and moisture, and is insulated with very high R-Values.

Another popular product for attics is “blown” insulation. It’s available in fiberglass or cellulose, and is a very affordable option when compared one to one with other insulation products. Well-installed, “blown” insulation settles in the attic and creates an insulating blanket that provides very good R-Value.  Fiberglass and cellulose are both “fluffy” in makeup, and are specifically designed to restrict airflow. “Blown” insulation offers many benefits in the attic, making it an ideal install. It provides very good thermal insulation; the finished space is both mold resistant and fire resistant; and the environment deters insects, rodents, and animals from gathering.

Yet another option for the attic is the “hybrid” installation. It’s a cost effective option offered by Great Northern Insulation, and with proven results. The aim of this installation is to combine two insulation products into a dual install. Step one is to apply Spray Polyurethane Foam throughout the space. This is followed with an application of “blown” insulation (cellulose or fiberglass). A professional install ensures that the products compliment each other, while delivering maximum long-term performance. The attic benefits from R-Values that are considerably higher than other options, and an overall cost-effectiveness, primarily because of the combined installation.

  • the “hybrid” installation makes for an attic space that is altogether airtight
  • the Spray Polyurethane Foam creates an impervious air / moisture barrier
  • with the SPF application, a very high level of R-Value is created in the space
  • the SPF application also provides structural strength in portions of the attic
  • the “hybrid” installation makes for a cost-effective component in the project

Spray Polyurethane Foam has indeed become a favorite of professional contractors. In fact, the product is being installed with great results in every part of the house: attic and roof; ceiling and floor; even garages and basements. But it is a premium priced product that may not suit every project budget. As such, the “hybrid” installation from Great Northern Insulation is one of the better alternatives. The insulation results are exceptional, and the project investment is cost-effective. With this approach, the SPF component will provide the superb sealing and insulating, and the “blown” insulation will effectively supplement the R-Values in the given space. Overall, this combination install delivers many years of product performance, all at a reasonable cost.

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