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Attic insulation in Essex

Choosing the right type of residential attic insulation

Choosing the right attic insulation, and deciding on the right insulation contractor, can both be a challenge.  There are many insulation contractors out there - selling their services and pushing their products as being the best on the market.  As for the product manufacturers, they sell their products as the best and most cost effective to install. It can be challenging when deciding on a course of action. For local customers thinking about attic insulation in Essex, it would be wise to choose a reputable contractor as a first step. A good contractor will certainly ensure a successful project with good results.

A good insulation contractor will take on an attic project from end to end. The contractor will work closely with the customer to choose the best product and installation for the project. At Great Northern Insulation, well-informed customers are welcomed - they make much better decisions for themselves and focus on their specific needs. For customers thinking about attic insulation in Essex, GNI offers a company commitment to quality – it includes top-quality insulation products and top-quality installations.  It’s also a commitment to provide 100% customer satisfaction, on every project undertaken.

A professional approach to residential attic insulation

GNI begins an attic insulation project with an in-depth inspection to evaluate the condition of the space and assess the challenges. Various product options and installations are reviewed, and consideration is given to options that are best suited. GNI also considers the overall project budget, so that product and installation will best satisfy a customer’s needs. And while an attic insulation project might conjure up a do-it-yourself option, it’s really a project that requires professional expertise. This is a job for an insulation contractor with product knowledge, and proficiency with the installation process. 

Attic insulation requires a professional touch – this will assure maximum performance for the product installed. For GNI, insulating the attic space is all about creating a “system” - a “system” that includes an air barrier and vapor barrier to prevent air movement and moisture collection. It’s a “system” that ensures the proper volume and density for the insulation product, as well as effective sealing of any openings, holes, or gaps. For GNI, the “system” must be comprehensive – a space that is completely sealed, effectively ventilated, and well insulated to provide the maximum R-Value rating.

Spray Polyurethane Foam – a viable option for the attic

When choosing an appropriate insulation product for the attic space, the professionals are recommending Spray Polyurethane Foam. For homeowners considering attic insulation in Essex, the SPF product is truly the best on the market. Installers use special application equipment to spray the SPF into the attic in liquid form, which then hardens into a thick blanket of insulation. The installer ensures complete coverage and uniformity of application. When professionally installed, SPF will blanket everything thoroughly - and that includes the wooden beams and joists, the HVAC ductwork, and all electric wiring and plumbing pipes.

A good SPF application will result in a thick, dense, tightly packed “blanket” of insulation. It serves to restrict unwanted air movement, stop undesirable air leakage, and prevent moisture from accumulating. Essentially, Spray Polyurethane Foam creates an air barrier, vapor barrier and insulation “blanket” in one install.

Another viable option for the attic - Blown-In Insulation

Another viable product for attic is “Blown-In” insulation. It’s affordable (both product and installation) and available in cellulose or fiberglass. It’s “fluffy” when installed, and is specifically designed to prevent any air movement throughout the attic. “Blown-In” insulation (also referred to as “loose fill”) is manufactured to be fire-resistant, mold resistant, and rodent resistant.  Here again, the installation makes use of very specialized equipment, so that the product can be blown throughout the attic uniformly. Whether it’s fiberglass or cellulose, “Blown-In” insulation can be installed to “top up” existing insulation previously installed.

The “Blown-In” products create an effective “thermal blanket” in the attic. R-Values will be enhanced, and the entirety of the attic space will be blanketed, including wooden beams, plumbing, wiring, ductwork, and cables. This is a very cost effective installation, and should be suitable for most residential budgets. 

The “hybrid” install – from Great Northern Insulation

For many homeowners, an ideal insulation option for the attic is the “hybrid” approach. This is a unique approach from GNI that combines the SPF product and the “Blown-In” product in one installation. Needless to say, the attic benefits from both products at the same time.  The SPF product can be combined just as effectively with fiberglass as with cellulose. But whatever the combination, the “hybrid” approach will do the job in the attic. Simply put, the SPF product does the sealing and coating while the “Blown-In” product will allow for the installation to be cost effective, and suitable for most home improvement project budgets.

In situations where the attic requires insulation removal and replacement, GNI may well recommend the “hybrid” option. The process will require removing the existing insulation, choosing a product combination, and then installing. The “hybrid” installation delivers excellent results that are measurable every season.

Great Northern Insulation is fully committed to quality

For residential homeowners planning attic insulation in Essex, GNI would be a good choice for the job. GNI is committed to quality overall - installing top-quality, brand name products, and assuring customers of the highest standards of workmanship. GNI also provides the manufacturer’s product warranty on everything that is installed, and a company guarantee on every installation. GNI crews provide prompt service when problems emerge, and are engaged when repair or replacement might be required. As a contractor company, GNI is committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction on every job, regardless of the scope.

For the average residential home, attic insulation is definitely one of the best improvement projects. Unlike other home improvements that are more cosmetic in nature, attic insulation delivers measurable savings on utilities (heating and cooling), along with longer term cost savings that make the original project investment more than just worthwhile.

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