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Attic Insulation in Brant

For the average homeowner shopping around for attic insulation in Brant, it’s a real advantage to understand the basics. This isn’t about having technical knowledge - but the basics will definitely be valuable. Probably the two most important things about attic insulation are choosing the right product and choosing the right contractor. Both will have a measurable impact on the project, whether it’s for new construction, a retrofit, or a full renovation. Understanding the basics will also contribute to better decision-making as the project moves forward. As well, a more informed homeowner will end up having a better working relationship with the prospective contractor.

As a project, attic insulation will require expertise and experience for best results. A professional approach will assure superior outcomes, with an installation that is done right from the first day of work. Insulation products are unique, and for the average homeowner, choosing product could get quite challenging. But when there’s a good contractor on hand, choosing product can be much more collaborative and much more constructive. Working with a good contractor is beneficial for a homeowner: product options and installations will be designed to appropriately suit the job; the project will be reliably managed from end to end; and decision-making will be collaborative.

Reputable contractors are responsive to their homeowner clients. They address the priorities of the project – they present a comprehensive job proposal – they consider the project budget - and they keep customer service at the forefront. Like any major project, attic insulation depends on quality for best outcomes. Particularly in the attic, long-term product performance depends on a quality insulation product and quality installation. For Great Northern Insulation, quality means supplying the best products, along with the highest standard of installation. Also important is a commitment to customer satisfaction, something that’s assured with Great Northern Insulation.

Having attic insulation professionally managed will be of great benefit to a homeowner. There’s an assurance that the attic will be properly assessed. There’s an assurance that the job proposal will be thorough. And finally, there’s an added assurance that products will be warrantied and installation will be guaranteed. Beyond it all, professional contractors are also prepared to deal with issues and problems even when a project is finished. For homeowners shopping for attic insulation in Brant, the results of a professionally managed insulation project will be apparent:  improved energy efficiency; enhanced home comfort; reduced utility bills; and notable savings.

Residential attics and roofs pose some unique challenges when insulating. As such, professionals start the job by ensuring that the space is airtight. Sealing the attic tight will ensure maximum performance for the installed insulation. And sealing tight means closing every hole, opening, and crack throughout the attic. Airtightness will stop unwanted air movement, and improve energy efficiency throughout other parts of the home. When properly sealed and insulated, an attic is a “system” that enhances overall efficiencies:  energy usage is better balanced in the winter and summer; heating/cooling systems operate more efficiently; and indoor comfort levels are better.

Today, there’s no shortage of insulation products available for residential application. But for expert installers, Spray Polyurethane Foam is the one that’s become a favorite. It provides proven results in the attic, preventing airflow, stopping moisture accumulation, and providing very high R-Value. In a typical installation, SPF is sprayed throughout the attic where it swells and hardens into a thick “envelope”. A professional install will ensure that the attic is fully blanketed with SPF:  wooden beams; wiring and plumbing, and all the HVAC ducts.  In fact, with SPF, every little crack is sealed up, and the attic becomes a space that is completely impervious to air and moisture.

Another possible option for the attic is “blown” insulation - available in fiberglass or cellulose. It’s become an affordable installation in a space like the attic. Professionally installed, the insulation is blown throughout the attic to create a uniform “insulation blanket” with very good R-Values.  The products (both the fiberglass and the cellulose) are “fluffy” in structure, and manufactured to hinder air movement. “Blown” insulation is a cost-effective installation approach, with a number of benefits:  the fluffy composition of the product blankets the attic space effectively; the finished space is fire resistant; and the insulated environment is resistant to rodents, insects and mold.

One of the more-preferred installations for the attic is the “hybrid” install from GNI. It’s ideal for the attic - it’s very cost effective - and the results are impressive. Initially, Spray Polyurethane Foam is applied, allowed to set, and followed with a supplemental install of “blown” insulation. It’s basically a combined installation, with products that compliment each other, and with long-term performance results. The “hybrid” install from GNI delivers a number of project benefits for any size attic. First of all, the installed R-Values are excellent. Secondly, the project investment is cost-worthy. And finally, the energy savings are substantial enough to offset the investment.

  • the “hybrid” installation will create an attic space that is effectively air-tight
  • the initial SPF application will create a combination air and moisture barrier
  • together, the two installed products will provide satisfactory (high) R-Values
  • a good install ensures that the SPF structurally strengthens application areas
  • financially, the “hybrid” installation is an extremely cost-effective attic project

In the past few years, Spray Polyurethane Foam has become leading edge in the insulation industry. It’s considered by professionals to be the best product on the market, and with the very best installation outcomes. But SPF is a premium product, and it doesn’t always fit into a budget. As a result, the “hybrid” installation from Great Northern Insulation has proven to be a viable insulation alternative for many a homeowner. This installation approach is ideal for a space like the attic (or the roof cavity), and will deliver numerous project benefits. First, the attic will be sealed very effectively. Second, the finished space will be thermally insulated with high R-Values. And finally, energy efficiency will be dramatically enhanced with impressive annual savings on heating and cooling bills.

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