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Attic insulation in Amherstburg

Choosing the best attic insulation for the home, and deciding on a good insulation contractor to do the job, can be challenging.  There are so many contractors on the market - all of them selling their services, and all of them pushing their products as the best.  The product manufacturers are the same - telling us that their products are the best, and the most cost effective product to install. It can actually get quite difficult to decide which way to go. For homeowners thinking about attic insulation in Amherstburg, its wise to choose a reputable contractor first – this will be the key to a successful project with good outcomes.

Good contractors take on a project from beginning to end. They work with customers to choose the best product for the job, and decide on an installation that best suits the project. At Great Northern Insulation, it’s necessary for customers to be well informed – they make better decisions based on their specific needs. For homeowners thinking about attic insulation in Amherstburg, Great Northern Insulation offers a commitment to high quality – and that includes high quality insulation products, along with high quality installations.  For GNI, the commitment is about 100% customer satisfaction, on every project, regardless of size or scope.

Great Northern Insulation begins an attic project with an inspection that evaluates the condition of the attic and the challenges that are posed. Product options and installation methods are discussed, with the aim of deciding which option is best for the project.  The GNI team also considers the project budget, so that both product and installation will meet with the customer’s requisites. And although attic insulation might offer some do-it-yourself options, this is really a project requiring experience and expertise. It’s a job for those with sufficient product know-how, and with the proficiency to install insulation at the highest standards. 

Whatever the insulation approach, it’s the professional touch that will assure peak product performance. At Great Northern Insulation, insulating the attic is about creating a “system”, one that includes a vapor barrier and air barrier to ensure that air movement and moisture collection are averted. A good “system” will also assure appropriate volume/density for the insulation, and proper sealing of openings, holes, and open gaps. For the professionals at GNI it’s vital that the “system” is efficient – it means that the home will be effectively sealed, properly ventilated, and insulated to assure maximum product performance.

Spray foam insulation – an excellent option for the attic

When the time comes to choose an insulation product for the attic, industry experts agree that spray foam is best. For those who are thinking about attic insulation in Amherstburg, spray foam is the premium product option on the market today. During application, specialized equipment is employed to spray the foam into the attic space in thick liquid form. The foam hardens into a dense blanket of thick insulation, with the installer ensuring complete and total coverage. When properly applied, everything will be thoroughly coated - the wood attic joists, the attic beams, the ductwork, the electric wiring, and all of the plumbing pipework.

When properly installed, spray foam insulation results in a thick and tightly packed insulation “blanket” that envelops the entirety of the attic.  Air movement (and air leakage) is stopped, while unwanted moisture is prevented from accumulating. Spray foam actually creates a vapor barrier and air barrier in one shot.

Blown-in insulation – another viable option for attics

Another good product option for attics is known as “blown-in” insulation. It’s an affordable installation, and available in either fiberglass or cellulose composition. It’s “fluffy” in nature, and has been designed to avert air movement, which makes it very efficient for attics.  “Blown-in” insulation (sometimes called loose fill) is fabricated to be rodent resistant, mold resistant, and fire-resistant.  The installation employs special tools and equipment, allowing the product to be blown into the attic and dispersed uniformly. Fiberglass or cellulose, “blown-in” insulation can be used effectively to “top up” existing insulation already in the attic.

As attic insulation, the “blown-in” products serve to augment R-Value, while creating a “thermal blanket” that is very effective. The installation is cost effective, and therefore suitable for most homeowner budgets.  These products blanket the entire attic space, including wood beams, wiring, cables, and ductwork.

The “hybrid” installation designed by Great Northern Insulation

In many cases, the ideal option for attic insulation is the “hybrid” option from GNI. This is a unique install that combines the spray foam product and “blown-in” product mentioned above. In one application the attic space benefits from both products, and with excellent results.  In fact, the spray foam product can be used as effectively with the fiberglass product as with the cellulose product. Whatever the combination, the “hybrid” install is a viable option for the attic. The spray foam product does a superb job in sealing and coating the space, and the “blown-in” product provides a cost effective component to the overall project budget.

Where a homeowner’s attic requires the removal/replacement of insulation, GNI may well suggest installing the “hybrid” option. It entails the removal of existing insulation, selecting a product combination to suit the space, and finally installing the products. At peak performance, results are noticeable and measurable.

Homeowners currently planning attic insulation in Amherstburg can depend on Great Northern Insulation to do the job. GNI is committed to installing quality products, with superior workmanship, and with the best advice. GNI provides a manufacturer’s warranty on everything installed, and guarantees every installation. The install teams offer troubleshooting when problems arise, even when repairs or replacement is required. Quite simply, GNI is dedicated to nothing less than 100% satisfaction for every customer.

At the end of the day, attic insulation is one of the better home improvement projects that a homeowner can undertake. And unlike some of the other cosmetic improvements, insulating the attic will deliver savings on winter and summer utilities, along with long term savings that make the initial project cost well worthwhile. 

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