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Specialty Coatings

Today’s professional homebuilder, independent contractor, or project renovator must constantly be on top of new insulation products and services…or…slowly fade away. It means having a solid understanding of existing products in the market, new products and innovations, and emerging trends. But there’s a limit – you already do what you do well, and you can’t possibly be an expert on everything. So it makes sense to tie in with a contractor/supplier who can fill the gap – a company with the staff and resources that you can count on – whether it’s for product expertise, installation experience, or problem solving and troubleshooting.

In the course of your regular work cycle, you’re probably dealing with all kinds of insulation challenges – everything from excessive condensation on windows, to higher-than-usual moisture in an attic, to ice buildup on eaves, maybe even bare patches on the roof after a snowfall. The problems are run of the mill, but the solutions can be testing – you don’t want to be providing a quick-fix, and you’re not there merely to do patchwork - you’re there to deliver a viable solution, at a good price, with long term benefits. This is all achievable when you partner up with a reliable contractor/supplier – a company that can fill the gap, based on your needs.

When it comes to specialty coatings (sometimes referred to as protective coatings), this is a product category where you might well need the expertise of a bigger firm. Is it the right application for the job? Will it provide the best cost/benefit? Does it fit within the customer’s budget? All relevant questions, and all worth getting advice on – from skilled technical people who know their products inside/out, and who provide the kind of experience you’ll need to do the job right. And this does not need to be a one-time association, because a long lasting business relationship with any contractor/supplier is a win-win for everyone.

Today, specialty-coating products on the market can do it all. And depending on the application, the right product choice can be quite multipurpose, providing appropriate insulation, waterproofing, sound reduction, even flame and fire resistance. By example, spray-in-place polyurethane foam insulation provides very high levels of insulation, and an air barrier system and vapor barrier simultaneously. Here again, partnering with a good contractor/supplier gives you direct access to people with the product knowledge and installation expertise you need to complete the job. In this way, you profit from installation that meets industry standards and codes; your customer benefits from the manufacturer’s product warrantees; and you deliver a finished product that is done right the first time.

The specialty-coatings category is full of products that offer high efficiency solutions at a price point that’s also cost effective. Whether it’s an air barrier coating for a residential attic, or a vapor barrier coating that is tough, durable and highly fire resistant, you will be providing an application that suits the need. And by working in tandem with a respected contractor/supplier you will be augmenting your “tool kit” with insulation products and services that will only increase your bottom line.

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