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Air Sealing

At Great Northern Insulation, we believe in doing it right - the first time. When it comes to air sealing, draft proofing, and air barriers, our approach is based on a fundamental premise: sealing it tight, and ventilating it right. Doing one without the other is doing a half-job - we want to clearly identify your air leakage issues and eliminate the locations that compromise energy efficiency, air quality, and home comfort. Whether you’re building a new house, doing a major renovation, or getting into a retrofit, we use air sealing products and weatherization techniques that will improve the performance of your HVAC equipment and enhance the indoor air environment at the same time. Doing it right means understanding the challenges of the project, using the appropriate products for the job, and installing according to building standards and codes.

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Great Northern Insulation does the whole job – we assess your needs; we supply a full range of air sealing products; and we expedite the installation. Our customer service team will be happy to explain product options and installation methods: like the difference between using single component canister foam and two-component froth-pack foam; like the benefits of spray-in-place polyurethane foam over traditional rigid foam; even the basics of window caulking and weather-stripping. The whole idea is to reduce heating and cooling costs, improve the overall energy efficiency, and create better indoor air quality. And our job is only complete when air sealing, draft proofing and air barriers work together to accomplish all of the above.

We like to think of a house as “a system", and optimizing energy performance is a simple matter of keeping the heat inside during the winter, and keeping the cool inside during the summer. Fancy new windows and doors, even a new furnace, will accomplish little without effective air sealing. And today, the marketplace is full of innovative products that will accomplish what we think is the first necessary step – sealing it tight!


  • Sealing any gaps, joints, cracks and crevices is straightforward. Ideally, this should be done prior to the insulation being installed, but it’s an essential step nonetheless. We use various weather-stripping products and caulking sealants to reduce and prevent air infiltration, while allowing the insulation to do its job.
  • Expanding foam is an ideal product for draft sealing - especially in areas that are hard to reach. The foam can fill and seal an area that is unusual in shape, and difficult for other products to accommodate. We’ve found this product to be perfect in our cold climate, and one that adds R-value to existing insulation.
  • One of our more comprehensive approaches includes a combination of sealing, air barrier, and insulation: it’s a specialized application that requires special equipment and the skills of trained installers. Clearly, a more costly effort, but the long-term results speak for themselves in terms of energy savings.
  • Spray foam insulation has also gained popularity in recent years. This is a viable and cost effective alternative to traditional insulation options – the pink fiberglass, and the white rigid foam. The expandable foam is ideal in a retrofit, in the roof, in wall cavities, and even through holes drilled into a finished wall.


Whatever the product or technique, we always insist on proper, positive ventilation. Sealing it tight, without ventilating it right is not a complete job at Great Northern Insulation.

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