What’s that? Insulation is for all seasons?

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I am preparing for a few meetings here at the head office in Woodstock. We are over half way through the winter of 2010/11 and I am already thinking of spring. We will very shortly finish the renovations to the office here, and to our new location in Milton. What a beautiful facility that will be for all of our customers in the GTA. The new facility will be open to the public mid March.

All this renovation work has got me thinking (this happens every now and then); a lot of you will soon kick-off your spring/summer home renovation projects. Some of you are probably thinking of renovating the deck/patio, adding a new pool or backyard Jacuzzi and some of you are probably even drooling over the thought of brand new granite kitchen countertops!

Most of us have weathered the brunt of the winter season; the last thing on your mind right now is an insulation retrofit. Besides how important can insulation be right now anyways? Actually, an insulation retrofit is probably the single most important home renovation investment you can make and it yields one of the highest returns on investment when compared to other home renovation projects!

How’s that? Well, last year the provincial government approved 12% rate hikes to hydro, and the widespread introduction of smart meters to alter peak demand hydro usage means higher bills are coming…again. Just in time to cash-in on the normal summer hydro consumption spike (worth noting: Environment Canada predicts temperatures this summer will be above average…again). Add in the HST and the new ‘green’ tax, and your hydro bill could jump by as much as $300 by the end of the year!!!

Remember insulating and weatherizing not only helps to keep warm air in during the winter, it also helps to keep warm air out during the summer. A professionally completed insulation retrofit will actually help to decrease your energy consumption by 30 percent or more. The air conditioner won’t have to run at full blast, which will decrease your energy consumption and also prolong the life of you’re a/c unit.

You could actually save $360 per year with a professionally completed insulation retrofit to your home. Even homes as little as 5 years old can benefit from our weatherization services. It seems like a no brainer to me; a decision between an extra $300 a year in hydro bills, or savings of $360/year.

As Ontario’s official Honeywell Weatherization Contractor our trained sales and field technicians can readily locate and seal costly air leakage weak points throughout your home making it more energy efficient, comfortable and improving your indoor air quality. Furthermore, our qualified sales representatives will visit your home and provide you with a needs assessment and quote, free of charge. At Great Northern Insulation, we pride ourselves on being your home comfort and home performance professionals.

Just a little something to mull about over the weekend, have a good one!