Waterproofing And Insulating Exterior Basement Walls

One of the most prevalent problems in any house is a damp basement. Beyond the uncomfortable environment, damp basements can potentially lead to mold, as well as structural damages. In the majority of situations, this is work best left to the professionals – there’s a good deal of building science involved, and therefore problem-solving requires some specific expertise and experience.

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What Homebuyers Are Looking For In An Energy-Efficient Home

It’s not uncommon today for homebuyers to have pre-conceived ideas about energy efficiency yet be completely misinformed. With all the news, and all the terminologies, it’s easy to get confused, and miss the point of what’s important and what’s not. The fact is, it’s easy to assess a house with respect to real estate price, physical size, and geographic location (let alone the fancy amenities). Beyond that, industry statistics show that for most people (80% plus), energy efficiency would be a determining factor in deciding on which property to purchase.

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Home Insulation Is For Both Winter And Summer

Things have changed dramatically over the years with home energy. And while indoor personal comfort has become more of a priority, saving money on seasonal utilities has become equally important. Simply put, the days of randomly jacking up the thermostat are gone. Today, it’s about conserving energy and saving money. And more homeowners are learning how to make their home energy efficient. For many, there’s an understanding that optimum energy performance is about a home that is properly sealed, well insulated, and appropriately ventilated. Continue reading

With Home Insulation, It’s Important To Do It Right

For homeowners contemplating new insulation, it’s important to get it done right the first time. And choosing the right contractor is key to success. Today, there are many insulation companies out there, each peddling their products and their services. What’s important for a homeowner is to do some research prior to making a final decision. This is especially important if spray foam insulation is involved – it’s highly specialized and requires a good deal of industry experience. Continue reading