Building Science 101

Long gone are the days of constructing a building using any available materials and giving little or no thought to how the different materials interact with each other or the physical environment. Nowadays there’s a real scientific process behind building material selection, design, construction, and maintenance. Regional climate and weather phenomena are also taken into consideration in the design and construction of modern buildings. This new approach is what’s known as ‘Building Science’. Continue reading

A Caring Act of Home Comfort

The Lavery Family understands what we mean when we say “there’s more to insulating than just adding insulation”. Their two children, Errict, 13, and Alex, 9, were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, about five years ago, leaving them battling the most common lethal genetic disease of children worldwide. Banding together with several other companies, Great Northern Insulation set out to help the family with the tremendous expense of retrofitting the Lavery family home to adapt to the boys increasing mobility challenges, and with the goal of improving the comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency of their indoor environment. Continue reading