This Free Online Energy Audit Can Help Lower Seasonal Energy Bills

A newly introduced online Energy Audit is now available to help homeowners improve energy efficiency by implementing various energy retrofits. For many, valuable dollars are “flying out the window” because the home is poorly sealed and badly insulated. That’s why it’s so important to understand a home’s energy performance level. By being aware of the deficiencies, homeowners can implement repairs, retrofits, and even renovations that will measurably improve efficiency.

Home energy performance is becoming more and more important across the country. In fact, by 2019 homeowners will actually be required to show proof of a home’s energy efficiency when selling the property. Today, the good news comes in the form of an online Energy Audit – custom designed to assess a home’s energy efficiency with a measured rating. Better still, deficiencies throughout the home are full addressed, and possible improvements are then recommended

Clearly, a home with a higher energy rating will have more sales appeal, and likely realize a better price. For those selling, retrofits can be expedited before a home goes on the market, and can be ready to go with a high rating. And to get started, homeowners simply use an online application called My EnergyXpert to create a personal Energy Usage profile for their home. The completed profile provides accurate data about energy consumption, and suggestions for improvements.

My EnergyXpert is absolutely free – quick and easy to use – and only requires answers to a few questions. The idea is to determine which are the smartest investments to make, with respect to home energy retrofits. This might include extensive air sealing of the home, upgrading the attic insulation, and even improving thermal insulation in the basement. The bottom line with better energy efficiency is to reduce energy consumption and save money in the winter and summer.

A Homeowner’s Action Plan

For those who are interested in taking the necessary steps to improve home energy efficiency, Great Northern Insulation now offers customers online access to My EnergyXpert. Homeowners can use the application in an effort to make meaningful improvements to energy efficiency and performance. Once the assessment is complete, the team at GNI can provide professional services to implement the most cost effective repairs and/or retrofits that recommended in the report.

My EnergyXpert is an award winning application that provides the typical homeowner with a home energy appraisal that is just as accurate as a professional engineering appraisal. Best of all, the detailed appraisal will identify energy upgrades that could save 25% on present energy use. For those who are selling, the home’s energy profile will be noticeably improved. For others, the long-term savings on heating and cooling offsets the cost of repairs, retrofits, or renovations.

For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, the primary focus is on sealing and insulating the home with the best products on the market, and a quality installation. GNI is committed to the retrofits that best benefit the homeowner, while ensuring the greatest return-on-investment.