Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc.

by Rick Bartel – Branch Manager – GNI Essex

Did you know that Elastochem specialty chemicals is the only Canadian owned & operated spray foam manufacturer?  Established in 1987 by the DiLoreto family in Brantford, ON, Elastochem prides itself on being the manufacturer of high quality polyurethane and epoxy based coatings, foams, sealants, adhesives, and primers.  With over 10 years in the residential spray foam business, Elastochem has a network of certified installers coast to coast and GNI is proud to offer their products locally to you.

Advantages of Elastochem are found in its innovative approach to building science.  One such product is Wrapsulate Foam Jacket.  This product is a medium density open cell foam that has a water based blowing agent with a Global Warming Potential of 1.  With 16 perms at 2” applied thickness, this product can be used in conjunction with a vapour barrier and has a stable R-Value of 4.3/inch.  This product can be used commercially as an exterior application and maintains an air barrier at 1.5”.  Alternatively, Elastochem Insulthane Extreme has a LTTR R-value of 6.1/inch and can be used without a separate vapour barrier as it is a 2lb closed cell spray foam product.  This product also uses a 4th Generation Blowing Agent Technology with a Global Warming Potential of 1.

At GNI, we are always on the lookout for the best products that can make your next build more cost effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly.  Choose GNI for your next project and let our professional team work together with you to make your build a reality!