Easy Tips for Saving Money on Your Home’s Energy Bills While You are on Vacation

Its summertime, which means many of you will be (or already have been!) hitting the road and travelling to destinations afar! Before heading off, take a moment to think about your home’s energy consumption. Just because you aren’t around, your home is still using energy and you’re still paying the bills.  Fortunately, there are many small preventative measures you can take to conserve energy while you are away:

-For increased security, use timers on light fixtures inside and outside your home. Using timers is much less costly in the long run than leaving your lights on all day. Fluorescent lighting requires special dimmers or timers, so make sure you use the correct ones.

-Your refrigerator is an electricity hog. If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, consider emptying and unplugging it. Or better yet, have your old, inefficient refrigerator picked up. To learn how to qualify and book an appointment, visit  FRIDGE & FREEZER PICKUP

-If you spend a long time away from home during the coldest months of the year, set your thermostat down. In the winter set it at 18°C and if you’re away in the summer set it at 28°C.  A programmable thermostat is a great way to change settings automatically. There are programmable thermostats for central heating and baseboard heating.

-If you have a pool, make sure it’s covered and that the timer on the pool pump is set

-Electronic devices left plugged in, even when turned off, still draw power. That’s called phantom power or standby power, and it’s costing you money. It’s also costing our planet even more with wasteful carbon emissions. Plug the following electronics into a power bar with a timer or auto shut off and make sure they are off during periods of inactivity. For example: Television, home theatre system, computer, monitor, printer, scanner, rechargeable devices (MP3 players, cell phones, battery chargers etc.), and game console

By reducing this unnecessary power use, you can help save up to 15% on your electricity use!