Have You Considered an Environment-Friendly Christmas?

Eco friendly gift wrapped in recycled paper surround by green plantsWhether this year’s Christmas will be white or not, is still in Mother Nature’s hands. In the mean time though, you can help make this Christmas GREEN

Holiday celebrations result in an annual consumption of thousands of tonnes of wrapping paper, millions of trees and turkeys, and hundreds of millions of cards. But there are ways to reduce your festive impact without becoming Ebenezer Scrooge, scrimping on food or switching off lights.


Left overs, not just in pots, but also in plates, give birth to more garbage. This year, try to reduce waste and source sustainable food over the festive period. How about buying an organic turkey?


Our shopping habits are responsible for much of our personal carbon footprints.  Take advantage of Buy Nothing Day  and try to buy less – or at least buy greener.


Apart from the food wasted, there are numerous other “things” that can produce waste. Decorations, gift wrappers, receipts, and disposable cutlery are just a few examples! So, create lesser waste. Or, if you just can’t help it, find out how to dispose that waste wisely. Don’t forget to recycle your Christmas tree!

And with all the Green that you’re spreading, who knows? Mother Nature just might grant us with beautiful weather over the holidays!