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Why Office Insulation is Important – Lower Bills and Employee Comfort

Office or home, good insulation is the key to occupant comfort and energy efficiency. In North America it’s even more relevant, because summer and winter temperatures vary so widely. For employees in an office environment comfort is a must – warm and comfortable in winter – cool and comfortable in summer. For building owners and managers, good insulation means efficient energy consumption, little energy waste, and measurable annual savings. Continue reading

The Importance of Insulating Foundation Walls

In short, insulating basement foundation walls will provide thermal protection, moisture control, better air circulation, and even mold protection. In most climate zones (especially across Canada) insulating the foundation is well worthwhile – it’s a cost-effective home improvement with a very good return-on-investment. In fact, across the country, researchers and industry professionals are in agreement that for all sizes of basements, insulating the foundation makes economic sense. Continue reading

Commercial Exterior Wall Insulation – Why It’s Important Especially in the Summer

Once specified (or recommended), Spray Foam Insulation is the most effective and efficient application for exterior wall systems. Delivering maximum energy efficiency, moisture control, and airflow management, spray foam provides more benefits and advantages than any other comparable product. Applied into exterior wall cavities, or installed as a continuous insulated wall system, there is no better approach to wall insulation. In fact, in most climate zones, building code requirements now specify continuous insulation wall systems as requisite. Continue reading

Safety Tips for Spray Foam Insulation

Many homeowners often ask which insulation is best. And while every project has different needs and priorities, one product has proven to be consistently effective across the board – spray foam insulation. From all respects, it’s the best – it does exactly what insulation should do. At the same time, this is an installation project for professional contractors. They understand the nuances of the product; they understand the intricacy of the application; and they understand how to install safely and responsibly, thus protecting themselves and their homeowners during the process. Continue reading