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House as a System

Think of your house as a composition of various different components that work together to form a single interdependent system. People that live in the house, heating, cooling and ventilation components, along with the construction materials the house is made of all interact to form this interdependent system. Any changes made to one component of a house can affect other components. For this reason, a house can be very similar to the human body. Like the human body, a house also needs to breath, regulate temperatures, and protect the inside environment from the outside environment. Similarly, the house is also a very delicate system; changes to the system should be made considering all components in mind. Continue reading

Insulation’s for all seasons?

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, unfortunately for me, a fairly uneventful one as well. I’m thinking of calling it a day and heading home early for the weekend, besides I’m just getting in the way of all the contractors! We’re expanding our head office you see and are in the midst of a major renovation project; the building is infested with contractors, and their crawling all over the place. Continue reading