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How to Correctly Dispose of Old Insulation

A thorough assessment

Even before removing any insulation, it’s important to assess the condition of the materials. The materials may have lost the capacity to insulate – there may be deterioration – there may even be asbestos left from a previous installation. What’s important is to determine whether removal and disposal is immediate and critical, or just routine. Here, it’s wise to get a professional to do the assessment, and to offer viable options for removal, disposal, and reinstallation of new material.  Continue reading

Why it is Important to Remove Old Insulation

There’s no hard and fast rule about removing old insulation. And while one contractor may opt not to remove, another may insist on starting the re-insulation from a completely clean space. But there are situations where removal is absolutely necessary – like water damage, fire damage, or rodent infestation. These are situations where the insulation is probably quite compromised, and the space is likely contaminated in some way. There would no question about complete removal.  Continue reading