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The Province of Ontario is Committed to Increasing Energy Efficiency

Residential home energy audits could be mandatory.

Along with many other energy initiatives, the Province of Ontario is moving ahead with plans that require Energy Audits for properties that are listed for sale. As part of the planning, the Ministry of Energy will require real-estate agents and homeowners to ensure that a certified Energy Audit has been completed and then included in the real estate listing itself. Continue reading

The Difference Between Climate Change and Global Warming

With all of the media hype about global warming and climate change, it’s sometimes difficult for the average person to get an accurate sense of where things stand. To complicate things more, competing interests tend to have their own focus, making it harder to grasp the bigger picture.  Continue reading

Understanding Insulation Terminology Before Ordering Insulation

Understanding residential insulation is the key to making good purchasing decisions. And when a homeowner understands insulation terminology, it’s an advantage when shopping for products or discussing options. Moreover, a good understanding of how insulation works will make for a very productive working relationship with an installer who’s actually doing the work. And while its not at all necessary to get into technical jargon, it’s good to have a fundamental understanding. Continue reading