5 Cost-Effective Retrofits that Will Enhance Existing Home Insulation

Across Canada, more and more homeowners are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. It’s a matter of reducing utility costs, improving indoor comfort, and protecting the environment. The bigger question is how to get it all done – and here, it’s matter of priority. For many professionals, the best approach is to make retrofits that will enhance the existing home insulation. In this way, issues like air leakage and air sealing can be addressed effectively. Continue reading

10 Ways to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Suffice to say that most homeowners would genuinely like to be more energy efficient. The truth is – it’s easy to create enhanced energy efficiency in your home – it’s just a matter of ongoing commitment and discipline. For many people, an Energy Efficiency Checklist is all they really need to succeed. Bottom line, enhancing energy efficiency in your home can quickly translate into significant dollar savings throughout the year. Continue reading

Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

In the laundry-list of home improvement tasks, the benefits of air sealing your home may not at first rank high on your to do list. But imagine for a second: would you ever drive a car with a leak in the gas tank? Would you pour yourself an expensive glass of wine into a glass with a chip in it? If the answer is no, the benefits of air sealing your home should be something you consider for your next home reno project. Continue reading