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Over the past several years, and two different houses, I have purchased just about every service that GNI sells. I just wanted to say that I have always been pleased with the people I have dealt with, their skills, professionalism, and dedication to doing the best job possible. It makes one aspect of home ownership less stressful!
Bill Rathborne, London

The insulators were great, as was the sales rep. I will be back for more!
Bob Bray, Gravenhurst

I am very pleased with the service; crew and sales representative.
Carol Ann Douglas, Guelph

The guys that did the installations were quite professional.
Charlie Parsons, Simcoe

Your sales rep addressed my needs to a "T". Also, I have to congratulate the installers who were extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate their workmanship. Thanks so much!
Jennifer Peters, Markham

We live in an older home and recently had it insulated and air sealed by Great Northern Insulation. Since the work was completed, we’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in our heating and air conditioning bills, as well as much more comfort in our home. Dollar for dollar, proper insulation is an effective way to save energy.
Lou Brehm, Woodstock

Thank you for all the help and thoughtful staff.
Louise Parsons, Kerwood

Excellent job! We will certainly use Great Northern Insulation again.
MelBarr Design Build Inc., London

Great work! Quite satisfied with the results.
Paul Graham, Peterborough

I was pleased with the quick response I received from Great Northern. Their installers were courteous, tidy and efficient.
Sandra Elliott, Kitchener

I am very happy with your work. It’s nice to see a sub-contractor that takes care to protect things and cleans up well after they’re done.
Tony Ronco, Peterborough


I am very pleased to have had Great Northern Insulation install spray foam installation in my home.  The thorough application of the spray foam combined with the great R-value of the insulation has made my home much more enjoyable.  I no longer feel drafts nor cold when I am relaxing in the comfort of my house.  The crews did a great job and the work was easy to schedule with Great Northern’s scheduling department.  They were clean and organized and worked around my schedule while I conducted my renovations.  I would highly recommend Great Northern Insulation for installing spray foam insulation.



I have already noticed the difference in the warmth and comfort of the house since having the work done.  The basement walls were insulated with spray foam R17 insulation.  The crawl space of the addition to the house also sprayed with R12 insulation.  I also had more insulation added to the attic R50.  I am mostly impressed with the warmth in the basement which is now the warmest area in the entire house!  I only wish I had done this sooner!   

GNI has got all bases covered!  Every point of contact is a total pleasure to deal with;  From the original call I placed to the sales rep Chris, who was highly recommended and also the two separate crews for the jobs.  The crews were friendly, on time and super efficient.  They left the area spotless once the work was done.

Thank you ever so much for such great product and knowledgeable staff.



After hours of research and price comparing, I found that the quality that Great Northern Insulation provides is far superior to any other product on the market. 

The Walltite Eco spray foam insulation has many positive attributes including a very high R value per inch, pest resistance, an increase in structural integrity, water resistance and no need for a vapour barrier. 

Being a part of a family business I know that time is money. I am confident that these attributes will ensure value for our money along with long term benefits we wouldn't see from a traditional install. This is why we continue to use Great Northern Insulation!



GNI has improved my home comfort when they upgraded the insulation in my attic from R20 to R50.  My house is now much warmer but more importantly I have not had anymore problems with condensation on my ceilings in my house!  This is my first winter in my house in Milton and after a long battle with cancer my husband passed away last fall.  I was so upset when I saw the water, I was beside myself.  I find that some workers/contractors talk down to women but that was definitely not the case with GNI.  Not only Aaron but also the two workers who came to my house were very polite and a pleasure to deal with. 

I plan on having GNI back in the spring to insulate my cold cellar because I have a big problem with water in it also.  I have been given an estimate by Aaron but he suggested that I wait until the spring for the walls to dry first, another company wanted to do it now and even charge more.

I look forward to having GNI back.



I recently had my insulation topped up on Feb 10/2014 in my attic as well as baffles installed.  Staff were very kind and courtesy and cased about my concerns.  They cleaned up the mess that was there as well which was nice.  After the service was complete we have noticed an instant change in the heat in our home does not escape.  Snow is abundant on our roof because the attic space is proper, and our furnace does not turn on as often.

Thanks to all that helped make this happen.



Prior to our attic insulation completed by GREAT NORTHERN INSULATION on January 20, 2014, our family had been suffering from constant water leakage in both of our children's bedrooms bathroom and, kitchen.  It was to the extreme that there was actually frost in the bedroom closets and water dripping from the ceilings and light fixtures.  Since the completion of the spray foam insulation our house has maintained the temperature and we have not experienced any water leakage and/concerns in any of the bedrooms or kitchen.
We are so pleased with GREAT NORTHERN INSULATION completed work and experience.  All the staff and workers were exceptional to deal with.
We have absolutely no regrets and recommend this company to all of our family and friends.
Thank you for everything,
Lisa & Ryan


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